If You Thought The “Deja Vu” Hideo Kojima Is Giving Us Is Crazy, Wait Till You Experience “Jamais Vu”


During the launch of the PS4 Kojima announced that he was going to be making a “Deja Vu” Mission available for PS4 users at the games’ launch. Yesterday it was announced that anoth mission would be available for Xbox One users at launch……a “Jamais Vu” mission. Jamais Vu is defined as “the experience of being unfamiliar with a person or situation that is actually very familiar” and this is pretty spot on. Ok, No more chit chat…check out that trailer below:

So what did you all think?! Pretty killer huh? I’m sorry but Xbox One looks to have the better mission at launch! Kudos Kojima! Can’t wait to play it!


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