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Sorry for the late post guys! Busy day today for the family 🙂 Hope you all had a lovely week, it sure flew by super quick for me. Enjoy the post and feel free to follow me on twitter for any questions or comments. I’d love to hear em!!

Hart of Dixie: Spring premier is here. Welcome back Bluebell!

Season 3: Episode 9 “Something to Talk About”Rumors spread through Bluebell about a possible merger with their rival town Fillmore. Lavon enlists the help of Annabeth to distract the town from the news, but her scheme is slowly discovered. Meanwhile, Zoe begins to notice a possible connection with Wade and someone very close to her. Brick finds himself entangled with Shelby yet again.

Things seem to be heating up between George and Lynly, though I can’t help but think the relationship is not going to last. He’s hung up on someone, whether its Tansy or Zoe, but I’m interested to see how far they let the relationship go. I like that now Zoe has some family to lean on, even though her family are sharing a bit too much with her. First Joel’s grandmother and now Zoe’s ex?! And Brick and Shelby, again?! I understand she is pregnant and moved back into town, but to have Brick made responsible for her all over again and make it seem like the “right thing to do” is just crazy. They are done! But it’s the South, we all are just too kind down here I guess. And next week seem’s like Shelby will be opening her Cabaret with Zoe directing? Haha, I’m sure I’ll put in a few good laughs.

Pretty Little Liars:

Season 4: Episode 15 “Love ShAck, Baby” – The mystery of Ali’s diary remains. Which stories are true and which are the harsh reality? The girls try hard to decipher each story only to come across even more secrets underneath. Emily is visited by Ali in what seems like a dream with a cry for help. The girls set out to look for Ali based on more clues from the journal, but a minor setback had them back in danger with A.

Ok, I’m going to say this now, I can’t stand Ezra as the bad guy. He honestly just doesn’t seem right for this type of role! It seems too forced and doesn’t seem to come natural. He has this timid-ness about him that makes it all weird. So he’s A now. I can honestly say I never really suspected of him but I’m not all that shocked with it either. Ok, enough rambling about Ezra. I just want him back to normal again! UGH! Anyhow, I’m beginning to think maybe Emily and Ali had a romance. I know Emily loved her, but it seems like there is so much more to it. I’m intrigued. And Hanna and Travis seem like a nice fit. I’m already over the fact that Caleb left. I hope she gets over it soon, because if he left for “another person” there is no sense in her pining over him anymore. I feel like that at any moment PLL is going to hit us with a one two punch and throw in a new A. And where is Mona?! We’ll see if she pops up next week.

The Carrie Diaries:

Season 2: Episode 11 “Hungry Like the Wolf” – Bennett remains M.I.A. and Carrie continues to find creative ways to keep him off the heat. She eventually feels her help isn’t quite appreciated and seizes a gig. Tom gets outsmarted by a clever lawyer, while Samantha makes a connection with someone she won’t soon forget. Mouse and Donna convince Maggie that her usual approach to guys haven’t been the best.

I gotta say, this episode showed a different side of Carrie. She is usually sweet and always helpful, but don’t let her work get in the way because she’ll gobble you right up. It was nice to see a tenacity in her, but at the same time, you begin to see how cut throat the industry can be. Even though Bennett was asking to be fired, Carrie wasted no time in seizing an opportunity which worked out in her favor. Oh and loved seeing Julia Goldani Telles again! I have missed her from Bunheads and just so awesome to catch her on one of my favorite shows. I wanted more lines, but still good to catch her in action! No Walt this episode. Last we saw he was calling his mom, so no telling how they will bring him back in the next episodes. I just realized we are a few away from the season finale! :O Prom is next week so let the poofy dresses and wild hair ensue!


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