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Hey Everyone! I have decided to add a weekly featurette to spotlight a few of my favorite TV shows returning this month. I tend to watch my shows weeks after they air because I get really busy with classes, working, etc. Horrible, I know. But many times I just don’t give myself enough time to just kick back and watch a bit of TV, so enter this featurette idea to give me better motivation to keep up with my shows! Plus, after this long break that felt like forever, I’m super excited to see what each show will be bringing to the table. I’m a lover of all sorts of shows, but I can’t seem to quit teen dramas or aka my guilty pleasures. Anyhow, the shows I plan to tiptoe into will be Pretty Little Liars, The Carrie Diaries, The Vampire Diaries (restarts 01/23), and Hart of Dixie (restarts 01/13). Here’s my first post….dun dun dunnnnn. Hope you enjoy! -MC

Pretty Little Liars:
Season 4: Episode 7 “Who’s in the Box?” After the girls discover Allison is alive, they set off to find out why she has been hiding and who has her so afraid. More importantly, who was inside the coffin when Ali was supposedly buried? They locate a group of girls that lost a friend around the same time Allison went missing with hopes to uncover the truth. Caleb gives Hanna a new revelation concerning his involvement with Ravenswood. Toby uncovers more information concerning his mother’s death. Ezra and Aria find some alone time.

Well things should be getting juicier given that Allison is officially alive. Of course, now we are lead to believe Ezra might be “A”, but one thing I have learned from PLL is never EVER be fooled by who you are made to THINK it is. I will tell you this, I no longer care for Ezra the way I did before. He almost went from night and day in a matter of a few episodes. I hope Aria doesn’t open that can of worms because I do like Jake for her. And Caleb and Hanna no more?!? Ugh. I know, I know, they have to make way for him now appearing on Ravenswood (new spin-off show appearing after PLL), but it just felt like such a forced and odd way for the two lovebirds to break-up. He was way too cryptic, and yes I know he had to be, but it felt more staged for the spin-off then a legitimate heartfelt reason to break it off. Anyway, guess we’ll see how Allison felt about the girls next week with the discovery of her journal. Grab your popcorn, I’m sure it’s about to get UGLY.

The Carrie Diaries: The Spring premier was last week, so let me chit chat a bit on that episode.
Season 2: Episode 9 “Under Pressure” Carrie is convinced she and Sebastian can make long distance relationships work while Larissa warns her that is destined to fail. Carrie’s dad, Tom, decides to give the girls a test by leaving them home alone to work on a “major project” in the city. He soon finds out he was coerced into working up the details for Larissa and Harlan’s prenup! Carrie receives a surprise when Sebastian pays her a visit and announces he is returning. Carrie carries guilt thinking she is the reason he has returned, but is soon relieved to find out the truth. Dorrit throws a wild house party and learns the hard way that guys can be jerks.

No matter how much Carrie and Dorrit fight, these two find a way to come together and become partners in crime. It’s nice to see them both connect more this season and definitely a relief to see Dorrit open up and appear a smidge less emo each episode lol. No Maggie or Walt this episode, somehow they both skipped out on the party?? And maybe it’s just me, but I’m losing interest in Sebastian fast! Hopefully his character evolves a little more the remainder of the season.

Season 2: Episode 10 “Date Expectations”Valentine’s Day has hit the city and love is in the air. Carrie is excited to hear Sebastian has made reservations at a romantic spot, but unfortunately their plans fall through. Walt expects a nice quiet date with Bennet but ends up at a gay club with Carrie, Larissa, Samantha, and Bennet. Maggie somehow enlists in the army but Mouse and Donna scheme to try to get her out of it. Dorrit enjoys an anti-Valentine’s day with her new “friend” while her dad questions their relationship.

This episode had a bit of a serious note when Walt finds out Bennet’s ex-boyfriend is dying of AIDS. Walt gets in a panic and it seems he wants to reject his new found lifestyle. It’s something we don’t sit around and think about as much now as in the 80’s when it was a new and scary thing. Grant it, it’s still just as equally scary and huge, but America is more aware of taking precautions then before. I hope Walt finds himself in this season and doesn’t shy away so quickly. Sebastian was somehow involved with building a business with who we are to assume is Tony Hawk. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy to just snap your fingers and embark in a new project? Lol It just seemed so all of a sudden. OK, my indifference with Sebastian will end now. I think haha! I just feel he still lacks the substance for Carrie. Anyway, I really did dig this episode 🙂

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