Small Screen Saturdays: TVD has returned!

small screen saturdays

Time for another round of my wholesome goodies!

Hart of Dixie:

Season 3: Episode 10 “Star of the Show”With Dash quitting as a director for Shelby’s upcoming Cabaret show, she starts to get in a panic. Lavon is faced with more fear of the possible merger with Fillmore. Lemon teams up with AnnaBeth and Brick to solve both problems. Zoe is now the new director of the show, but will it be a disaster for their town?

I have to love how creative the show gets to fill in for Lemon’s absence. As many might know, Jamie King gave birth to her first son in October, so this explains the lack of physical appearances from “Lemon”, but she appeared this time via webcam! Ahh technology J Zoe yet again found herself biting more than she can chew, but she prevails as always lol George and Tansy share a moment and we are led to believe that maybe the two will get back together. I remember when they initially were an item, I scoffed. She just didn’t seem like the right type for him, but her character has really evolved and now I see Tansy with him much more than Zoe! And Wade and his new love interest, Zoe’s cousin, seem to be doing well. I hope for his sake it lasts a while because I still feel he is a sad puppy without Zoe. Even if he admits he is over her. Now those two, Zoe and Wade, I imagine will end up together forever and ever. Or maybe I’m doing some wishful thinking here haha. Anyway, next week we’ll see how far Wade will go for in his new romance endeavor. Until then!


Pretty Little Liars:

Season 4: Episode 16 “Close Encounters” – The girls visit the Busy Bee Inn in search for Ali only to see a note from “A” that they are too late. Emily is approached by Shana with a message from Ali. Jake stresses his concern to Aria about Ezra after witnessing a violent encounter. Emily meets Ali but Spencer is unsure of Ali’s real motives.

Great episode this week. I definitely felt they the writers of PLL are trying to throw in a loop. I want to believe Ali is really afraid but then again, is she still playing with the girls? Then for a short moment I started suspecting of Spencer of having possible “A” like motives?! Ahhh! I don’t like suspecting of the girls. I don’t think honestly that either have any part of all the madness, but I know these curveballs are going to keep on coming. I have to just keep my feet on the ground and protest all the way through lol I like Travis too, for Hanna, but bad timing. And how cool was the plate throwing place Hanna’s mom took her to?! I will begin to google and see if any places like that exist around my parts! I’m not a fan of guns or the gun range (scary to me), so this would be a great alternative of releasing anger lol

And no Mona again this episode, but preview suggests we will see her next week and hopefully learn a bit more of the connection Ezra and her now have!


The Vampire Diaries:

And our dry spell has ended! Welcome back TVD!! I knew something was missing from my life and my DVR reminded me of what lol

Season 5: Episode 11 “500 Years of Solitude”Katherine is nearing her last days. Nadia wants to help her mother survive and allocates the help needed to accomplish it. Klaus makes an unexpected visit. Elena comes to terms of forgiving Katherine before her demise.

This was a great episode of giving us a bit more of a back story on Katherine. Even though we realize that her issues in her past have caused her to be so wicked to others, she still doesn’t show any sign of remorse or regret for being so cruel. And just when you think the witch, er vampire I mean, is dead….yet again does Katherine find another way to reclaim her life. At some point, please writers of TVD, end Katherine’s life already! I understand that some characters are needed, but really, everyone on this show has had their share of 9 lives already. Yes, it’s paranormal. Yes, many are immortal. I guess being an actor on this show is comforting knowing that at some point you may come back again! Lol Speaking of rising from the dead, loved seeing the past actors I’ve missed! Alaric, Jenna, John, and Vicki make a quick appearance. Hopefully we get more details on where Elena is now, since Katherine has overtaken her body. All and all, just happy to see the TVD crew again!


The Carrie Diaries:

Season 2: Episode 12 “This is the Time” – It’s prom time for Carrie and her friends at the lavish Waldorf Astoria in the city. Carrie is faced with a live changing decision. Walt recognizes the importance of being authentic. Sebastian is ready to chase his dream and hopes Carrie will understand.

With the season finale being next week, we were left with a bit of a cliff hanger. Carrie chose a job over going to school. Being a full blown adult (lol) of course I’m baffled she would do that, but hey, at 18 you know it all. Grant it, being a writer is best with life experiences, but TRUST me an education can ensure you are at least approaching it all the right way. I felt for her father because he truly worked hard to let her have all she wanted only to have her turn around and throw it in his face (so to speak). Yes, Carrie, it’s your life, but your dad made all the necessary sacrifices so you could even say that very statement! Sorry the parent in me is speaking out! Lol Curious to see how the show is going to do the next season (should it continue) since the gang is heading to college. We’ll see if any hints are thrown in next week.



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