Small Screen Saturdays: Can we get the truth already??

small screen saturdays

Recap from Pretty Little Liars for the week of 03/10 – 03/14…

So sorry for the day late-ness folks! Yesterday was crazy busy for me 🙁 At the worst part? I only had one episode to review lol



Season 4: Episode 23 “Unbridled” – All four of the liars are dealing with romantic issue when a charity bridal fashion show hosted by Mrs. DeLaurentis presents itself as an opportunity to gain proximity to her, her house, and Ali’s secrets. The girls take advantage of the opportunity as Ella and Jason arrive back in Rosewood.

Well was I alone in feeling that this episode was more of a way to kill time before the next episode? So many things were said and so many things seemed out of place. Let’s start with the intro of the episode where Spencer is running in the woods in a wedding dress. It really felt that this was going to be a pivotal scene in the episode, heck we were given a sneak peak last week. But in the end, she was chasing a shadow and fell down and got dirty and came back inside distraught. Oh let’s not forget the bear trap in the DeLaurentis backyard too. Sounds normal right? Nothing too exciting I guess and a bit of the same ol’ same ol’ . Though the girls did discover finger bones in the bodice of Spencer’s dress and how were those missed when she initially put the dress on? Another PLL mystery I suppose. The climax to me was perhaps when the girls got a hold of Ali and are finally going to meet them. But even then, Ali agreeing to meet the girls raises more questions. Why is she so willing now to communicate with the girls? Didn’t she lead us to believe one of the girls could be the reason she is hiding? So many questions and I’m ready for some more concrete answers guys!! Next week’s episode hopefully won’t disappoint. I want a solid answer. No strings attached, just a complete fact. We are all owed this much. And on that note, can’t wait for Thursday!




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