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Recap from Pretty Little Liars for the week of 02/17 – 02/21…

Well this was most definitely a slower week for me! Hart of Dixie is on break for another month, The Vampire Diaries took a two week break and will return next week, and well The Carrie Diaries is out there is neverland in hopes of returning to us all soon. The only show I had this week was my lovely Pretty Little Liars (cries a little inside). I feel like I’m missing a piece of myself without all my favorite fictional characters. Perhaps I’ll start fishing the market and see if I can divulge in something new or start up another ongoing show soon. I’ll keep you guys posted!



Season 4: Episode 20 “Free Fall” – As the girls are nearing the chance to tell Aria about their recent discovery concerning Ezra, Spencer is faced with a harsh reality of her own. Can Spencer be trusted with her current revelation?

Ohhh things just got heated! We start the episode with Spencer waking up in Ezra’s classroom. She is confused and in her pajamas and somehow slept walked to school (horrible side effects of her pill taking). Ezra takes it upon himself to tell Aria about finding Spencer that morning because he is concerned for her. Yea, that’s what it is alright. Now obviously this truth is not something Ezra could have made up. Spencer started spiraling down with her need for pills and apparently she had a past problem with them. He just capitalized on Spencer’s new problem and by doing so caused her to seem crazy. Meaning, can we believe Spencer when she says Ezra is “A”?


The girls seem confused but a seed was planted in Aria to have suspicions of Ezra. So much that she finds herself in his cabin searching for any clues. And her snooping caused her to come across a type of book of some sort written by Ezra – all about Alison. So we got it right? Ezra is “A”, we have proof! Case closed….right? Of course PLL writers have put yet another twist on this revelation. Ezra confesses to Aria that he is writing a crime novel to solve the mystery of who killed Allison. He almost makes his story believable. I admit, I’m a bit confused. Did he hurt Alison? Does he really love Aria? Has he been torturing the girls all this time? Questions that I feel will always be questions for us until this show ends! I’m curious to find out what will happen next week



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