Small Screen Saturdays: The return of the blondes

small screen saturdays

Recap from Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, and Hart of Dixie for the week of 03/17 – 03/21…

I actually had three episodes this week…what?? Hart of Dixie has returned and TVD is back from their two week break, so this girl is happy 🙂



Season 4: Episode 24 “A is for Answers” – After years of searching for answers and being tortured by A in every way, the girls finally get the key to all the secrets around Ali’s disappearance 4 years ago. But the mystery of A’s true identity still haunts them. Will Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna be clever enough to finish the puzzle and expose who A really is? Will Ali finally get to come back home safe and sound for good?.

So Ali finally speaks! As a viewer that has put so much time and frustration over this show, it was glad to finally have Ali in the spotlight speaking to the girls with more details on the one mysterious night. Now did she share all the information we needed? Yes and no. Does this leave me even more frustrated?! Well, yes and no. I mean we were given more details about Ali’s mom’s involvement in that night but apparently she is covering up for someone that was more important than her daughter? Who could possess such a level of importance to her mom to avoid calling the cops and bury her so called “dead” daughter. Let the theories begin. I really don’t know who it could be, but I have a feeling it has to be someone we know nothing about. Let’s fast forward a bit to where Ezra gets shot. Ok guys, maybe he wasn’t “A” but just some obsessive writer with an infatuation with Ali. The question now left for the viewers is could Ezra be dead? Is he alive? I personally do not believe he could be dead. But that’s just me trying to be strong and not believe the worst, ya know? It’s EZRA. As much as he got on my nerves lately because his whole character changed, I still want this man alive. So PLL writers, if you are listening, don’t you dare kill this man! June will not come soon enough!!! This really was a great episode, even if we have a lot more questions than answers. Maybe Ali will be out in the open now? We’ll see. For any readers that don’t watch PLL, as much as they have played with my emotions, now is the time to get comfy and catch up on the 4 seasons! Like really. This show is so addictive and anytime I find out that someone I know watches PLL a little bit of me gets happier. So go and catch up ladies and men – cause I know you all are out there watching or wanting to watch too!



Season 5: Episode 14 “Rescue Me” – When Elena wakes, Stefan tries to fill her in on what has happened. Caroline calls Stefan and asks him to meet her and Enzo for an antidote. When they get there, a group of Travelers lets them know something new about the importance of doppelgangers. Damon finally gets around to filling Elena in on his recent activities, they come to a new agreement about their relationship..

Does anyone else feel that sometimes they need to press pause and rewind or go back to previous episodes to see if something was missed? Sometimes I think there is so much complexity added to the episodes that it only confuses us more. Both Damon and Elena were infected with a virus, except Damon has a one version of it while Elena a version of it with wolf’s blood. Or was it more vampire blood? But no frets, an antidote for both have been discovered so all is well in this spider web. The travelers are looking for another doppelganger cause apparently there is more than one or two or three. I’ve lost count on what the cap could possibly be, but we encounter yet another Stefan doppelganger. I went back right now to read all I just wrote and I almost come off as bitter. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, I just feel that as the stories progress, we are given more factoids to chew on and remember for future occurrences. I mean heck, I was so caught up trying to figure out where Stefan’s other doppelganger was that I lost sight on why the Travelers wanted him dead. I’ll go back and rewind shortly. To change the subject, Elena battled with hallucinations in this episode, the vicious effect of wolf’s blood, and asked herself the very question I had in my mind “how did her friends not realize Katherine had taken her body?” We would hope our friends could pick up on us being off or something, right? I wonder if she will build any type of resentment towards anyone in the coming episodes. And a guy named Luke appeared “knowing” Elena and he knows Liv. I don’t quite remember Luke but now we have to worry about this pair! We’ll see what new webs are weaved next week!




Season 3: Episode 14 “Here You Come Again” – Zoe looks forward to bonding with her mom when she becomes her mother’s client. Elsewhere, Lemon returns to town, so Brick and Lavon throw her a party; and Magnolia gets some assistance from George.

So happy for Lemon’s return y’all!! I really missed this woman and what she adds to the show. I love Zoe, but Lemon is a much needed character in the show to stay afloat! And low and behold, she comes back as a new woman, who dates two guys and gets thrown in jail. I like that she is given a bit of an edge with her return. She seems so much more alive! After the two guys she is dating realized she was dating them at the same time, they ran off. But then, they came back and in the next episode will apparently be fighting for her affection. Oh Lemon, you are the hot commodity now that you have returned! Zoe became her mother’s client this episode in an effort to win her back the practice. Only Zoe doesn’t play by the same rulebook as her mother. I know Brick will break. Well I hope for Zoe’s sake. And side note, when Zoe was being interviewed by Dash, the first thing that came to mind was “this man is interviewing her like a woman!” Why a woman? Because us females like to construe the details a bit haha! Oh so you mean…..oh so what you’re saying is….and it goes on and on. And before she knew it, Zoe’s interview was taken waaaaay out of context. I’m happy to see my Bluebellians and look forward to next week’s episode!




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