Small Screen Saturdays: Heartbreaks and Mysteries

small screen saturdays

Recaps from Hart of Dixie, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, and The Carrie Diaries from week 01/27-01/30….


Hart of Dixie:

Season 3: Episode 11 “One More Last Chance”Joel and Zoe are on a mission to find a new home in Bluebell. Meanwhile, the Mayor is working closely with the town so that they can give a good impression to Lt. Governor Alex Byrd to save Bluebell from a possible merger with Fillmore. Zoe and Wade work together to win over Aunt Winifred and Harvey. Shelby reveals big news to Brick.

Well, I’m a little sad in writing this but it seems we have to say goodbye to the idea of Wade and Zoe getting back together. I really do like Joel and Vivian is a nice character, but those two should be together….period! But now that Joel and Zoe seem to be getting even more serious and Wade is getting even closer to Vivian, that ray of hope is slowly getting smaller. We also say goodbye to Lynly, which frankly wasn’t a character I really liked. She was young, I know, but she was just all over the place. It was time to put the George and Lynly thing to rest. Maybe now he will get back with Tansy?! Oh and we also said goodbye to Shelby. Well this sure was an episode of many farewells come to think of it. And back to the Joel and Zoe thing, they really do seem to be getting even more and more serious. I mean the slight mention of marriage didn’t seem to scare Joel off but who knows with Zoe. As cute as the pair are, I just don’t see her doing it. But prove me wrong Zoe 🙂


Pretty Little Liars:

Season 4: Episode 17 “Bite Your Tongue”Mona begins to get closer to Mike, Aria’s brother. Emily is constantly on edge worried that “A” is out to get her. Spencer and Hanna both research leads that can get them closer to “A”. Spencer discovers an unexpected lead to the truth.

Now these are the kind of episodes I wait for! I really liked this week’s episode. It had the right amount of suspense and twists and turns. I can see now how Ezra’s character is growing into the “A” category. The more they show him, the more evil and cynical he becomes. We are somewhat lead to believe Mona is conspiring with Ezra to get the girls. I’d be interested to see if this is the case. Both Emily and Hanna were attacked, so even more clues that there most likely is more than one person out to get them. I really can’t wait to see how they are going to tie all the loose ends so we really understand Ezra’s involvement in all this. Next week looks like we are going to get things heated up! Can’t wait!


The Vampire Diaries:

Season 5: Episode 12 “The Devil Inside”Katherine has traveled into Elena’s body, with the help of Nadia, and plans to permanently control it while Elena fights to keep her body. Damon is visited by an old friend reminding him of his dark past. Caroline’s recent encounter with Klaus comes out in the open.

We discover this week that Elena is still within her own body and tries to remain. Katherine gets help from her daughter Nadia and another traveler to complete a spell that will let Katherine control Elena permanently. What does this mean for Elena now? We see a body burned, well at least it appeared to have burned. So now I am very curious how they are going to spin this because now it doesn’t appear that both Katherine and Elena can be in the same world anymore. I’m all for my favorite characters staying, but like I have said before, we have to start closing some chapters soon! Not that I want any of them to die, but if you kill someone off, can they actually be dead now? It’s awesome when it’s a character you didn’t want dead in the first place but then it makes it almost an expected thing now. I know I saw a body burned, but guess what, I feel that they will find a way to bring this body back! Lol On another note, We might get Stefan and Elena back…well kind of :/ Damon decided to go dark again. Does anyone else feel we are going in a circle sometimes? We are back to square one again folks! I’m still highly entertained with the story and will tune in religiously, I just feel that it’s time to shake things up again. I didn’t get to mention it for the last episode recap, but I enjoyed seeing The Originals again. We got introduced to a character named Enzo that was part of Damon’s past. Hopefully we get more new characters or stories in the coming episodes.


The Carrie Diaries:

Season 2: Episode 13 “Run to You”Carrie graduates and looks ahead to what her future will bring. She is shaken by unexpected news and is at a crossroads. Carrie’s dad is having a tough time accepting Carrie’s decisions. Maggie is questioning her new relationship with Pete. Sebastian is ready to pursue his dream.

This was a decent season finale. Not filled with a lot of twists, but closed up a few loop holes here and there. There isn’t a word on this show getting picked up for its 3rd season, but the episode didn’t feel like a series finale. I hope it will return because I really do enjoy all its funk and quirky-ness that comes with it. Carrie made the decision to stick with her job and skip college only to have that blow up in her face. I really liked that this happened. More so for any youth out there watching, it really would be a once in a lifetime chance that you get all you ever dreamed of at 18! We all work long and hard and now Carrie will see that. I am also very happy Carrie didn’t run off with Sebastian. Nothing is worse than seeing a female put her dreams on hold to chase a male. When you are young, it’s all about figuring yourself out and that’s exactly what Carrie is going to do. Carrie’s dad was also faced with a tough task that almost every parent fights, accepting your kids are growing up and have to make their decisions without your help. Being a parent, it’s a scary thought, but how else will they grow? Again, I hope to see the gang again soon and hear an announcement that they are returning.






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