Small Screen Saturdays: Another heartbreak…

small screen saturdays

Recap from Hart of Dixie for the week of 03/31 – 04/04…



Season 3: Episode 16 “Carrying your love with me” Bluebell gets a sister city in France. Meanwhile, Brick strives to win the town’s Man of the Year title; Zoe and Joel become fed up with the remodeling problems they encounter; and Lemon recruits George to assist her with a business venture.

Well I’m sad now folks. The episode started with its usual humor and ended by taking a small empty piece of my heart. Lemon convinces George to help her buy Fancies and by doing so, the two get involved romantically after a nice of drinking. Could we see these two lovebirds together again? I doubt. They seem so different from one another now and I really couldn’t imagine this pair together again. Any who, Brick tries to sway the town to vote for him for the MOTY only to find out Joel is given the recognition. Because it’s obvious that everyone loved Joel. The long distance relationship attempt proved to take its toll on Zoe. She flies in to LA to surprise Joel only to find out he was given the news that he now has to go to London for a year. So what other choice does this pair have than to take a “break”. We all know what that means. Joel can stress as much as he wants that he will be back, but we know we won’t see Joel again. I remember how reluctant I was with Joel in the picture and now I feel so torn with him gone. I guess we’ll have to just sit back and see what happens to Zoe now.

Carrying Your Love With Me





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