Small Screen Saturdays: We are all cursed!

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Recap from Hart of Dixie for the week of 04/07 – 04/11…




Season 3: Episode 17 “A Good Run of Bad Luck” – Brick has a difficult patient who irs AnnaBeth, until she discovers the truth behind his ailments. Meanwhile, Zoe thinks that she and Lavon are cursed; Vivian’s son turns to Wade for guidance; and George and Lemon struggle to steer clear from one another. 

So Zoe has allowed herself to believe that Lavon, Lemon, George, and herself are all cursed. She and Lavon were partially responsible for breaking up George and Lemon and now she feels the only way to reverse it is to bring the pair back together.

A Good Run of Bad Luck

Well we know better, those two are done. Right? Stop making me question things CW!!! I was dead convinced that those two were no more, now here I am imagining how they would bring those two back together. No! I refuse to picture all that again. Wade and Vivian definitely are heating up. I’m starting to believe these two can really be serious. Wade had more of a father-like presence in this episode, so we’ll see where these two end up.

A Good Run of Bad Luck

We were also revealed the mysterious knight that AnnaBeth encountered at the party. It would be nice to see her involved again with someone. I love AB and she needs to be happy!! But with one person happy, it usually means someone else out there is sad. Zoe did reflect a bit and started packing Joel’s things. Seems a bit quick, but what should she really do? They own a home together but are on a break? Everything happened so quick and is also ending so abruptly. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, Peter returns, aka Robert Buckley who I adore cause of One Tree Hill. Hopefully he hangs out for a bit longer this time 😛



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