Small Screen Saturdays: Closer and closer to the truth…

small screen saturdays

Recap from Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries for the week of 02/24 – 02/28…

Sorry for the late post guys! Long and busy week for me :-/




Season 4: Episode 21 “She’s Come Undonel” – Emily, Hanna, and Spencer are very concerned with Aria after the heartbreaking revelation of Ezra. Aria hunts for the truth only to find out more deceit from Ezra. Meanwhile, Spencer battles with her own truth and her family is concerned with her rehashed addiction.

Another great episode this week! As Aria continues to find more hidden truths from Ezra, she becomes distraught and unable to process it all. I admit, I’m still not 100% convinced that Ezra was ONLY writing a novel. He has to be more involved! But for now, we are given this story but we all know too well to never take any PLL discovery at face value. In other news, so we are slowly given more insight into Spencer’s past addiction. Could she have been involved someway in Ali’s disappearance? The question has been raised in my head for sure. I do hope they address her addiction properly because she really doesn’t seem capable to get well alone. Oh and Hanna loses Caleb to only be in the middle of two possible connections J Both of which are Monica approved lol And did anyone else get annoyed with Paige?! OMG…get going girl. I didn’t like the fact that she felt compelled to take over the situation and pretty much threaten Emily. I understand she is concerned for Emily, but her approach sucked. We’ll see what next week has in store because these girls keep distancing themselves each week! I hope we get more Ezra explanation time too haha





Season 5: Episode 14 “No Exit” – Damon’s destructive behavior causes Stefan to reconsider their previous conversation and track him down to intervene. Elena joins Stefan, but with her own romantic motives. Dr. Wes further tests Damon and his ability of control. Caroline and Tyler protect Matt from Nadia. Stefan and Caroline begin discussing Elena’s erratic behavior and come to a scary realization.  

Poor Damon. He seems to never catch a break. He breaks up with Elena and now is injected with some type of “virus” that causes him to want to feed on vampires. If someone has a streak of bad luck, it’s this guy. I’m sure the “cure” will come soon enough, just as sure as I am about him becoming nice all over again. It’s always up and down with these Salvatores! Caroline tries to make amends with Tucker, but he definitely put her in her place. With reason! You can’t go around sleeping with the guy that killed his mom and tortured him and expect Tucker to just come running back to you. Oh and for a second, I honestly thought Matt and Nadia were going to be a thing lol Who knows now if we will find out given that Nadia was bitten by tucker. Oh the webs, how they grow. But finally Stefan and Caroline are piecing things together and realizing Katherine has overtaken Elena’s body. I’d like to see how all this will be twisted around and Elena gets to come back. In the meantime, we just wait and watch!



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