Small Screen Saturdays: Too much of a bad thing…

small screen saturdays

Recap from The Vampire Diaries and Hart of Dixie for the week of 03/24 – 03/28…


Season 5: Episode 17 “Rescue Me” – Damon tells Elena some upsetting news about Jeremy’s personal life; Enzo opens up to Caroline about his past; Bonnie experiences an unsettling encounter with Luke; the mysterious leader of the Travelers appears after some terrifying events at a camp.

The episode began with a bit more focus on Jeremy. I forgot he still went to school seeing how the show isn’t centered in their high school anymore. Elena and Damon both realize they are toxic for one another as well as not a good combo for Jeremy. Jeremy eventually decides that leaving Damon’s home is the best way to deal with his current life. Who knows if this is the right move for Jer, but it is a step for him to move forward with his life. So what is up with Jeremy and Liv??? I hope nothing comes out of that, seriously! At least be up front with Bonnie…you know the girlfriend that is already having some doubts in you? Anyway, and on this note, what’s up with Stefan and Caroline? Here we go again opening that can of worms. I don’t see that sprouting into anything, I feel that Caroline really admires Stefan and perhaps is getting closer with him because she feels she can relate with him. I don’t see it going anywhere romantic. MAYBE a kiss, but I just don’t see those two as a couple. And Damon and Elena, together for the physical only? Elena is too much of an emotional piece to sustain that type of relationship with Damon. We all know what is suppose to happen….it’s Stefan and Elena forever! Right?? Oh who am I kidding? I really don’t know what way they could spin it. I almost feel the sizzle is out for those two but then I see the next episode’s preview and think the writers must know we feel this way! Anywho, now we deal with Travelers and some new main hancho they have awoken. I’m curious to see how this plays out but here we go waiting another 3 weeks before the next episode. Why do you do this to us CW?? (insert sad face)




Season 3: Episode 15 “Ring of Fire” – Joel hires unreliable workers to do renovations, and one gets hurts and threatens to sue. Elsewhere, Lavon uses Lemon’s two suitors to entice people to attend the town’s Renaissance faire; and Wayne looks forward to his anniversary with Vivian.

Lemon has made her final decision, no man is better than the wrong man! We knew neither of the two contenders were what she needs and who she needs is Lavon! We know this is why Lavon couldn’t commit to Annabeth. So why are we being tortured this way? Haha. I dig that towards the end of the episode they brought in a “knight” to offer Annabeth a drink. Could this individual be her next romance? I was trying to figure out who the heck it would be but no single men came to mind. In this episode, Joel finally got his big break and sold his book. Only now, it seems he will have to move to LA to get this screenplay going for 6 months. We see the preview of the effects of the long distance relationship. Why are they doing this now?? I’m finally in the accepting phase with these two. I am rooting for them, they own a house for goodness sake! These two better not separate now! Overall cute episode as always. Hart of Dixie never fails in making me laugh or feeling all sorts of good after I watch. Ohhh and I can’t forget one line that was said by the one and only George Tucker and how he prepares for a trial. He listens to 90’s R&B music! I just about spit out my water when I read that because I am obsessed with 90’s R&B and sometimes I feel I”m alone but then Unlucky Tucky mentions it like this and I feel understood. HAHA. It was a pretty funny moment for me.




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