Small Screen Saturdays: Well this is Awkward…

small screen saturdays

Recap from Awkwardfor the weeks of 05/19 – 05/23…

That’s right…just one show this week! So this will be AWKWARD for a bit, but PLL will be coming back very sooooooon!



Season 4: Episode 6 “Crowing Moments” – Jenna manages a male beauty pageant. Meanwhile, Tamara desperately tries to win Jake back.

Things with Jenna and Luke are heating up. After Luke witnesses the high school drama Jenna faces, he didn’t run but became the best boyfriend ever. Oh grown up guys, so much smarter than high school boys. I understood that Matty was hurt about the whole being adopted thing, but why throw Jenna into your mix dude? I wasn’t appreciating that at all. Jenna seemed understanding because he was hurt, but he didn’t have to air out their dirty laundry. But all is well, he gets to witness Jenna kiss Luke and maybe he’ll realize she HAS does better than him. And Tamara. OH TAMARA. This girl has always had that obsessive behavior but she has become looney. I’m glad Jake finally caught her in her Autumn act. She really just has lost it. But really, high school girls just don’t get it and why should I even hate on Tamara. She does what many young girls do which is become blinded by love. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next episode…this one had me cracking up!





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