Small Screen Saturdays: That awkward moment you get dumped…

small screen saturdays

Recap from Awkward, The Vampire Diaries, and Hart of Dixie for the week of 04/21 – 04/25…



Season 4: Episode 2 “Listen to This” – Jenna struggles to communicate with Matty. Meanwhile, Tamara questions Jake’s musical talent.

After Jenna had her encounter with Matty, she begins to wonder if she made a mistake or if she should keep it cool. Well something happens all right, but we just are quite given the details just yet. Matty finds something, appears to be a letter or note and it changes his mood and creates distance between him and Jenna. I’m curious how long we will be dragged out until we find out! I was hoping before the episode ended….but we weren’t so lucky. And poor Tamara gets dumped by Jake. Are we surprised? The fizzle has ended and its time for those two to separate. Loved the episode though. When I find myself laughing out loud or recalling my high school days, you know this show is hitting the mark!




Season 5: Episode 19 “Man on Fire” – Enzo, through flashbacks to election night in 1960, learns what happened to his long-lost love; Elena obsesses over the state of her relationship with Damon; Markos enlists Sloan’s help in a ritual designed to break an ancient curse against the Travelers.

I was starting to like Enzo. Grant it, he was a bad guy in a sense, but we discovered more of his back story and I hoped maybe he would soften up some. Well he goes and turns off his humanity so of course he became a threat and unfortunately was put to rest. Now Stefan wants to keep his death a secret from Damon and we’ll see how long he can keep that up. With the threat of the other side falling apart, Bonnie has come to terms that she may be leaving this world for good. She hasn’t found a way to tell Jeremy but I can’t stand another Bonnie death!! The episode was entertaining this week, but I must say it sometimes loses me. I still get the moment of confusion or having to rewind to fully grasp what is happening in the story. The back story is everything for TVD and if you don’t understand one part of the puzzle, you will be completely lost. I’ll try to watch next week’s episode earlier in the day with a big ol’ cup of joe.





Season 3: Episode 19 “A Better Man” –  Lemon schemes to improve her health-inspection grade. Elsewhere, Zoe finds herself in an uncomfortable position in Wade and Vivian’s relationship; Lavon and AnnaBeth’s problems have a negative impact on BlueBell; and George dates a Bible-school teacher.

Oh poor Wade. My heart breaks for him. I wanted to be mad at Vivian but how can you be? She made a point about giving her family a chance so that is what she is going to do. Now instead of Wade accepting that Vivian made her choice, he prefers to blame Zoe for not giving him a hand and putting in a good word for him. Like really Wade?! Hopefully he is just mad and eventually snaps out of it because you cannot be mad at Zoe for long. Now lets talk about the super duper cheesy singing monologue. The one time I let my kid watch the show with me (13 year old btw) and her response was “Mom, was is this about again?” LOL I had to explain that this doesn’t usually happen but that this show rides the cheesy train oh so very often. But this is why I love my Bluebellians. They are just wholesome and make my day. I’d love to visit this quaint town one day (in my dreams of course).




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