Small Screen Saturday: New Love, Old Feelings…

small screen saturdays

Recap from Awkward, The Vampire Diaries, and Hart of Dixie for the week of 04/14 – 04/18…



Season 4: Episode 1 “No Woman Is An Island” – Jenna is humiliated in school and at home in the Season 4 premiere. .

Soooo I had to add another show that I am thoroughly addicted to and adore! Awkward premiered and man how I missed! Jenna thinks she can start her senior year fresh and blend in, but she gets an unexpected rumor floating through school….no surprise. She had a rude awakening when she hears her rank in her class. Well homegirl, what did you do Sophmore and Junior year? lol She does make a conscious effort to improve her rank as much as possible by joining forces with the cheerleader squad (equipment manager of course) and finally completed her essay by just being honest about herself. I hope Jenna does get her sh%* together (small wink at the shows notorious bleeping moments) and focus on whats important. But judging by all the previews MTV dished out for the upcoming season, I’m losing my little ounce of faith! Ok, maybe its about 2 ounces worth lol But here’s to a new season of a flippin hilariously crazy show! 🙂




Season 5: Episode 18 “Resident Evil” – Stefan and Elena experience unsettling dreams of the life they might have had together; Bonnie has a disturbing encounter with Grams; Enzo searches for a woman he loved decades ago; Bonnie learns that Jeremy is working with Liv; Matt has a terrifying encounter with inhabitants of the Other Side.

Ugh. I was sure that Elena and Stefan would re-ignite. With the vision they were both having and the happy life they both imagined, I felt there was gonna be something that made things click once again. Though they did talk it out and admitted they would always love one another, they know they are not going to be together again. Elena tries to be Damon’s friend and he wants nothing to do with that. Oh love triangles. We all know why Damon can’t be her friend so why is it that Elena can’t figure that out?! It’s not fair to him girl! So now we got the kingpin of Travelers trying to create a havoc in Mystic Falls with Tyler being a victim to their ultimate plan. I hope this story leads to more umph in the show. This whole Elena & Damon thing is driving me crazy and I’d like a distraction from their madness.





Season 3: Episode 18 “Back In the Saddle Again” –  Zoe and Lemon turn to each other for girlfriend advice; Wade takes Vivian out; Lavon loses focus while bidding on bringing the County Fair to BlueBell when he learns that AnnaBeth is dating; Magnolia tries to get Brick to leave so she can throw a party.

Could we possible see a Lemon and Zoe friendship occur?! So many hopeful scenes, it would be nice to see the pair get along because really guys, we know these two are almost the same person! Sooo I think I jinxed Wade and Vivian after my last post. What. Is. Going. On?! UGH. I was happy for Wade and now Vivian is backing off! No!!! So my prediction now is they must be doing this so that we have our hopes one Zade! Because they belong together forever and ever! Well I still hope on it, so we’ll see what happens. And AnnaBeth seems to be getting things heated with her new boyfriend and Lavon had to act like the jealous maniac. Now, he’s gone too far and AB wants nothing to do with him. And with reason!! You Lavon left her hanging. You are not allowed to feel jealous or make her feel bad that she is moving on. She was broken because of you! Men!! But I swear I love all these people so much so they better find a way to just be happy cause it hurts my poor little heart too! I’ll get some tissue ready because I feel another heartbreak coming next week 🙁




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