Small Screen Saturdays: Round and round we go…

small screen saturdays

Recaps from Hart of Dixie, Pretty Little Liars, and The Vampire Diaries from week 02/03 -02/07….


Hart of Dixie:

Season 3: Episode 12 “Should’ve been a Cowboy”Joel and Zoe take the plunge and buy a house, only to find they may be in over their heads with repairs. George is reluctant to ask Tansy out because of Lavon. Joel learns how to be a badass. Anna Beth makes a tough realization.

Well hello hello, George and Tansy may be back in business! Lol I knew these two lovebirds would find their way back to another. I’m ok with this coupling. No mention of Vivian this episode, so the ray of hope of Zade is opened a centimeter or two lol I should probably let this one go, I know. I am really starting to like Joel more and more. He is just so eager to fit in and be part of the gang. And Zoe seems very happy with him. We say goodbye to AB and Lavon L This does make me a bit sad. I get her point of view of being older and not wanting to waste her time with someone that doesn’t picture each other as their one and only. Poor girl. Nothing worse than to be in love with someone who doesn’t love you the same way. Lavon did love AB, but like she asked, was she the love of his life? Could Lemon still be his one true love? That question popped up right when he choked up in answering AB. Only time…er episodes will tell.


Pretty Little Liars:

Season 4: Episode 18 “Hot for Teacher”Spencer continues her suspicion of Ezra. Shana reaches out to Emily to help out Ali. Hanna suspects Spencer is up to something. Aria contemplates her relationship with Ezra.

Well what an episode! Now more than one girl know of the possible connection with “A” and Ezra and things are getting more heated. I’m not digging the whole Spencer taking prescribed meds for her study or should I say investigating agenda. Hopefully they address this soon as a BAD thing. I mean there are teens out there watching the show. I won’t get too caught up on it, it’s that mom in me coming out again. Back to the previous topic, I’m glad at least the other girls are also aware of the Ezra debacle. I’m curious to see how all of this is going to play out. I still want to understand Mona’s complete involvement and how Alison has managed to stay alive this long undetected. But I know, sit back and watch Monica. You will find out in time. I am also looking forward to next week’s episode. I’ll take an episode of my favorite TV show in black and white ANYDAY. Can’t wait!


The Vampire Diaries:

Season 5: Episode 13 “Total Eclipse of the Heart”Damon is working with Enzo to find Dr. Wes Maxfield. Katherine tries to gain some alone time with Stefan. Tyler warns Matt of his involvement with Nadia. Damon puts Jeremy’s life on the line in order to get what he wants.

So Damon is bad again guys. Can we just find the real Damon already?! Is he acting out of anger or is he really truly evil? Will we ever know? Probably not. I’m not digging the circles we keep doing with TVD. But it sure is putting the whole Elena with Stefan as a possibility, yet again. Stop doing this to us! My emotions are being toyed with each time this happens. I can only take so much. Anyhow, good episode overall that ended with yet another twist in the epic life of Damon Salvatore.





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