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The Movie:

Some people have bad days. Henry Altmann (Robin Williams) has one every day. Always unhappy and angry at the world including everyone in it, Henry sits impatiently at the doctor’s office when he is finally seen by Dr. Sharon Gill (Mila Kunis). Sharon, who is enduring her own bad day, reveals that Henry has a brain aneurysm. This news makes Henry even angrier, yelling at Sharon he demands to know how much time he has left. Faced with Henry’s anger and insults, Sharon abruptly tells him he has only 90 minutes. Shocked and reeling by this news, Henry storms out of the office leaving Sharon stunned by what she has just done in a lapse of judgment. As Sharon goes on a city-wide search, Henry struggles with his diagnosis, determined to make amends with everyone he has hurt in his life.

What would you do if you were given 90 minutes to live? Would you make a bunch of irrational decisions or be like Henry and stop to look at your life and the things that you could do differently. This movie really makes you think ever so deeply about your life and hits you kind of hard. The whole film was so damn good from start to finish. Throughout it was a “move, move, move” kind of movie but it wasn’t until the last 15 minutes or so that the brakes were put on and it eased you into moments that were so beautiful yet oh so sad. It actually had me shedding a tear seeing it. The cast was so perfect with Williams providing a dramatic performance with comedy thrown in to ease the tension and Kunis with the way her most intense moments showed her vulnerability. It really was a treat to see them on screen together. When a movie leaves you with things that linger within you then that’s when you know it’s special and it’s things like that that I love so much. This is a movie that everyone needs to see and experience. You’ll laugh but then you’ll want to cry. It’s basically an emotionally roller coaster that moves just fast enough to make you simmer on the moments that count. This is a MUST BUY!

Special Features:

The Angriest Man In Brooklyn: Behind The Rage – A great feature with interviews with the cast and crew on why they made the film and what impact they hope for it to have.

Gag Reel – A humorous collection of misfires and line flubs.

The Angriest Man In Brooklyn is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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