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Three years after the devastating ZN1 virus gutted the country, a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of a zombie attack – and humanity’s last hope to develop a vaccine – from New York to California. However, he’s hiding a secret that could endanger the mission.

In recent years zombies have started to make a come back in a big way and as a zombie lover I shouldn’t complain, right? The thing is that TV and film is so convoluted with the undead now that it begins to feel like one story mimics another. In this case you can already guess what show it’s similar to. At the start of this season the zombie virus is already in full swing and there isn’t much of a setup to the situation. The thing that made me cringe almost immediately is the way that they were trying to force feed a mythology to us that just sounds kind of silly. One of the characters calls out the present date with AZ (After Zombie) at the end and the list goes on and on. The other thing was that the story that they set up for the show is SO similar to a part of The Walking Dead that I threw my hands in the air and let out a “Really?!”. That’s not to say that there wasn’t some things that I liked about the show though. The make up effects were really great and I thought the zombies did a great job at making themselves seem creepy. All the actors were pretty solid and I actually liked Tom Everett Scott, even though his character was just a carbon copy of Rick Grimes, and Keith Allan because of his sarcastic and smart ass comments. I will say that they probably did the worst thing possible with Scott’s character though…just an FYI. The show wasn’t horrible BUT it just really wasn’t my cup of tea. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead then you may find yourself scoffing at it the entire time. If you’re curious then definitely check it out but don’t say that you weren’t warned. 5/10

Special Features:

Gag Reel – This was a really good feature. With the show being so gruesome it shows that they all had a really good time while doing it.

Preparing For The ZN1 Virus – This feature takes a look at the concept of the show and how they were able to get it on the air.

Race For The Cure – The making of season one of Z Nation which include clips and interviews with the cast.

Making Of A Znado And More – Taking a look at some of the bigger visual effects of the show.

Creating The Gore – This was by far my favorite feature. Synapse FX talks a bit about making the zombies for the show. I wish this was longer though.

Music Of The Apocalypse – Focuses on the score of Z Nation.

Z Kill Reel – Shows a number of zombie kills from throughout season one.

Z Nation: Season One is available NOW on DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment



Cormac O Broin 11-06-2015, 20:14

The show was pretty horrible. It was, however, strangely watchable.

I think Michael Welch’s performance in S01E09 was notable as perhaps the best performance of the show.

David Cantu 11-06-2015, 21:33

Yeah I agree. It was the strangest thing..Haha! I thought Welch was great in that episode and showed that he was more that just a pitiful supporting character.


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