The Other Woman: Blu-ray Review

The Other Woman (2)

When a New York attorney (Cameron Diaz) learns that her sexy boyfriend (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has a wife (Leslie Mann) and another mistress (Kate Upton), she teams with the other women to teach the three-timing man a lesson. Written by Melissa Stack and directed by Nick Cassavetes.

The Movie: So basically the movie was a complete story of fiction. Let’s take a woman who discovers her husband cheated and lets let that woman become friends with the mistress. Not just one mistress, but mistresses. Sure the mistresses were not aware of the man having a wife, but to befriend this was definitely a first I have ever seen. Kate didn’t have much self worth and upon her finding out her husband was cheating on her, she just shrugged it off for a while due to being afraid of being alone. Again, to all the women out there, learn to be able to take care of yourself. That was really the main lesson I got from this film lol. It definitely had its funny moments and was entertaining, but my oh my this story was just so awkward.Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton were all fantastic together. Oh and Nicki Minaj was in the movie too and actually did pretty good. Overall, when you need a little laugh or a quick pick me up, go out and pick up this flick!

My Likes: I liked the friendship that Carly and Kate eventually grew into. They seemed so diverse but connected either way. In the end, isn’t friendship like this? And as odd as this will sound, I liked that Amber – though young and gorgeous – didn’t turn out to be a snob. She made me wish I was her friend too! And of course I also loved the payback Mark finally received for his wrong doing. It actually got a bit gory for me – I’m so curious how filming that scene played out (splat goes the nose lol).

My Dislikes: Aside from the story being so far fetched, perhaps my one dislike was how the women were portrayed in the film. Lets take Kate King for example. She apparently gets married and doesn’t have any kids per her husband’s request. OK fine. She is initially portrayed as this simple minded woman who is essentially maintained by her man. Fine, this happens in real life so not my issue. My problem comes in towards the end. This simple minded woman somehow is some type of inventor?! So dumb we think that she is a CEO of numerous companies thanks to her husband, but yet not dumb at all. It was a bit contradicting. If she is smart enough to invent things, she should have been smart enough to READ contracts that she signed. And furthermore, why on earth was she signing them to being with? I’m sorry, I’m pro-woman and I do take it a smidge personal when a female isn’t portrayed in the best light. Grant it – again I know – it’s reality. Not all women are the brightest. Aside from this bit, the movie in itself was entertaining. So my one dislike shouldn’t deter you from watching this flick!

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes – A total of 8 deleted scenes only found on Blu-Ray.

Gag Reel – Always entertaining to see the actors out of character!

Giggle Fit – I think this was about 5 minutes of Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann cracking up during a scene. These ladies couldn’t hold it together and apparently neither could the sound guys.

Gallery – Still shots from the movie.

The Other Woman is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment



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