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The Movie:

Officer Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) isn’t the best cop in small-town Woodhaven – in fact, he’s probably the worst. He mostly just looks to avoid anything that could possibly interfere with his goal of getting wasted. One evening during the night shift, Lou investigates a mysterious disturbance at the edge of town and wakes up with a pentagram carved in his chest, heightened senses and body hair that’s growing at an alarming rate. To solve the mystery of his transformation, he’ll have to take on a case no normal cop would be able to solve, but this half-man, half-beast is not just a cop…he’s a WOLFCOP.

When you see the title “Wolfcop” it definitely stands out right away and it peaked my interest almost immediately. As the film starts you pretty much know what you’re getting yourself into as far as the tone. This movie makes no apologies as to what it is and that is pretty much a glorified B Movie. There’s something about a film that is straight up about what it is that makes me respect and enjoy it a whole lot more than a film that tries to pretend to be something it isn’t. The story isn’t at all complex (but it does have a good little twist) and is just straight up crazy and is nothing short of insane the entire way. The best part of the film though is most definitely the make up effects. They are so gory and bloody that any horror fan will love it right away and some of the effect gags are so brutal that it’ll make you cringe but at the same time it’s just so much fun to watch. In all of it’s cheesiness I loved every minute of this film and if you loved 80’s B Movies then this will be one of your new favorites. 8/10

Special Features:

Film Commentary with Writer/Director Lowell Dean and Special Effects Make-Up Artist Emerson Ziffle

Woldcop Unleashed: Behind The Scenes Featurette – A really awesome 45 minute feature from the set of the film. It includes interviews from the cast and crew.

The Birth Of Wolfcop – This shows several videos from the inception of the Wolfcop idea from CineCoup.

Film Outtakes – The cast do improvised takes here and there and just straight out crack up at the silliness of it all.

Wolfcop Music Video

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