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The Movie:

An overexcited Roo, along with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore, pay Rabbit a visit to celebrate Easter. But instead of finding an Easter party they find a Spring Cleaning day celebration. Rabbit refuses to celebrate Easter and a very disappointed Roo tries to cheer him up. How can they celebrate Easter without the Easter Bunny? Past, present and future intertwine in this marvelous movie, as the characters jump from page to page, teaching everyone a very valuable lesson.

I was a big Winnie the Pooh fan when I was a little kid so watching this brought me right back to my childhood. It was fantastic to see that they kept the traditional animation concept instead of swapping it out for CG like many have lately. That gives it a bit of familiarity to the adults that are watching with their kids (and some that have no kids). Good thing I have a 3 year old that gives me an excuse to watch this…haha. The story has an interesting approach to it. It’s basically the story of A Christmas Carol but with an Easter theme which gives you a moral pretty much the same as the original story. This toon surprisingly had less singing than I expected but I think it was good that it stayed that way because it allowed for more of the story to come across better. It’s a bright, lighthearted story but it also has its sad moments that might go over the heads of some kids but adults might be a bit surprised that a cartoon could be pretty deep. With it clocking at a little under an hour you can watch it without it feeling like it’s dragging along and it should keep your kids’ attention. This was an enjoyable Easter story that you could easily enjoy with your kiddos and that sends a good message across as well. This is a must grab just because Winnie the Pooh and crew are timeless characters that have been loved by numerous generations with tons of great stories.

Special Features:

Get Up And Dance! – This features a song and dance video with the song “The Way It Must Be Done”

Winnie The Pooh: Springtime With Roo is available March 11th on Blu-ray and DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment


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