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Season Overview:

Negan forces Rick and the group to fall under his will, brutally convincing them to live by his rules. To prevent further bloodshed, Rick genuinely believes they can make life under Negan, however terrible, work. But he soon learns that Negan can’t be reasoned with, and they must prepare to go to war now. Victory will require more than Alexandria, and Rick will need to convince their new allies from the Kingdom and Hilltop to band together with the common goal of taking down Negan and his army.

This season comes out swinging and definitely redeems what everyone else (not me though) thought was a poor season finale for season 6. After the premiere episode however it does slow down quite considerably. People may find it a bit lackluster because of that but it’s in these episodes where new story elements are introduced and we see a bigger narrative starting to take shape. A narrative that will catapult the series to another level and that’s what had me excited the most while watching this season. If you haven’t read the comics at all then you may be a bit disappointed by this season but if you have read the comics then you know what’s coming and just how awesome it’s going to get. The cast is as solid as ever and even the newcomers prove themselves as they lay it all on the table when it comes to performances…especially Jeffrey Dean Morgan who completely embodies the charismatic maniac known as Negan. I know a lot of people may have dropped off from watching the series by now but Negan alone is worth checking it out. I just wish we got a bit more of the character throughout. The only thing that I wasn’t a fan of was certain episodes that felt like filler. Those episodes I felt took the some of the momentum out of the season but either way it did push the story along. For the most part I enjoyed this season a lot and the return of The Walking Dead can’t get here soon enough. 8/10

Special Features:

Inside The Walking Dead – Each episode has a recap segment where they discuss that episode and give some insight on storylines.

The Making of The Walking Dead – Each episode has a Behind The Scenes feature where the cast and crew talk about how the created certain major scenes of that particular episode.

In Memoriam – This feature looks at all the character deaths in the season and the cast discussing it further.

A Larger World – The crew talks about creating bigger sets for some of the new groups this season.

Breaking and Rebuilding – The cast and crew talk about some of the emotional moments and how it impacted them.

A New Chapter of Fear – Cast and crew talk about some of the new variables that were introduced this season.

Top Walkers – A look at some of the coolest zombies, grossest kills and a lot of the special effects that were included this season.

Warrior Women – This feature focuses on the women of the season and their characters as well as what their motives are.

The Writers of The Walking Dead – The writers discuss what it’s like working on the show and just how fun it is.

Deleted Scenes – There’s only a handful of scenes included but they are definitely worth the watch.

Audio Commentary – Six episodes in total that have optional commentary.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Seventh Season is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment




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