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Donnie, Mark, Paul and Bob are joined by mom Alma, additional family members, their restaurant crew and an eccentric array of close friends from Nacho to Johnny Drama. Look into the Wahlberg world, from the stress of running a restaurant to worldwide travels to domestic bonds, strengthened and frayed.

I initially went in watching the first season of this show with a lot of hesitation just because I’ve seen so much reality TV and much of it is pretty much the same. This show however was entertaining from the get go and the second season was just as good as the first. The reason I think I ended up liking it so much was the family dynamic of it all. They all have these careers going and are so busy but they still manage to make time for family and friends. Probably the funniest thing is seeing them Paul, Donnie and Mark just be brothers and screwing with each other and the way they all want to be “Mom’s favorite”. Yes, some of the stuff in the show is obviously staged but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining. In all honesty, the fact that I actually like this show says a lot about the (obvious) chemistry that the family possess in front of the camera. I say at least give this show a chance because for one: It’s 100% better than those damn Kardashians. Two: Every family is different but I guarantee that you’ll start to find some similarities to your own family. The good/bad thing about this DVD is that there are nine episodes so it either leaves you content that you didn’t waste your time on it or you’ll be wanting to see more. I’m definitely a fan of the show now and I can’t wait to see what they get into next. 8/10

Special Features:

Bonus “4th Of July Special” Episode

Deleted Scenes – A bunch of unused footage just compiled together. Nothing too extravagant.

Wahlburgers: The Complete Second Season is available NOW on DVD from Lionsgate


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