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The Movie:

When Becca and Tyler are sent to their grandparents’ secluded Pennsylvania farmhouse for a weeklong stay, they quickly discover something is not right with the elderly couple. Faced with strange rules and increasingly frightening behavior, the children soon realize it will take all their wits to make it home alive.

I think everybody has a story growing up where they had to stay with relatives and thought they were weird. This movie took me exactly to that mindset. I would be lying if I started this movie thinking that it was going to be awesome but I still kept saying “This is going to be the one that turns things around”. It’s no secret that M. Night Shyamalan has had a good amount of films that just didn’t resonate with audiences very much so it’s kind of hard to stay positive time and time again. Thankfully Shyamalan redeemed himself quite a bit with this film. It did turn out to be a Found Footage film but it was done in a way that felt different and I surprisingly didn’t mind it too much but let’s face it, Found Footage is Found Footage. The format didn’t feel forced though and just seemed like two kids vlogging their experience at their Grandparents house. There was quite a bit of humor here as well that balanced the film with the creepiness. I think the funniest moments came from when the young boy started rapping. The Grandparents in the film were picked perfectly. They seemed so sweet and nice but when night fell they both became so insane. It was a nice change from what horror/thriller movies have been doing recently so I definitely welcomed that. Throughout the film I kept expecting the Shyamalan twist and although we did get a twist it wasn’t the typical one that you would think and to be honest that made it that much better. As crazy as the movie was it felt really grounded in a weird way. I really do feel like this was a reinvention of Shyamalan’s storytelling style and I’m excited once again for his films. 7/10

Special Features:

Alternate Ending – This was actually a really sweet ending with the Mom reading a letter that her parents left for her. The current ending of the film is more appropriate and seems better though. Worth checking out though.

Deleted Scenes – A pretty good amount of scenes but none of them really added too much more to the experience so I can understand why they were cut.

The Making of The Visit – A really artistic look at Shyamalan’s career and he gives us insight as to why he is going back to his roots and not overthinking things.

Becca’s Photos – A basic photo gallery that has an auto play feature.

The Visit is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment


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