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The Movie:

I reviewed the film earlier in the year. You can see what I thought about it HERE

Special Features:

Alternate Ending (10/31/98) – Very anti-climactic and I’m really glad they chose the ending that they did.

More Tuesday The 17th – A quick behind the scenes look at this short which is honestly a bit weird…haha.

Amateur Night – Balloon Night – A really cool feature about the making of the final scene in the Amateur Night short where the camera is lifted up in the air.

Webcam Interviews – A unique take on the interview process involving Joe Swanberg, Simon Barrett and Helen Rogers via Skype.

Cast and Crew Interviews – A group of really good interviews with the filmmakers and actors in the anthology. They explain V/H/S and their experiences while making it.

AXS TV: A Look At V/H/S – A 5 minute rundown and preview of film.

Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery – Lots of pictures from the making of each short.

Conceptual Design Gallery – Lily – An interesting set of pictures with early drawings of the creature in the Amateur Night segment.

A really excellent horror film with good amount of special features. This has raised the bar in horror in my eyes and can’t wait to see if anyone can top something as unique as this.

V/H/S is available NOW from Magnolia Home Entetainment


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