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The Movie:

Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) is a working class kid from Torrance, California, who transformed himself from juvenile delinquent to a 1936 Olympian by channeling his defiant energy into a shocking talent for running. Louie’s unfaltering determination and ferocious will then carried him through monumental tribulations during his military service and he became a true American hero.

We’ve seen so many films about “overcoming insurmountable odds” so the theme isn’t anything new but with Angelina Jolie attached as director it caught my attention. Although she’s still fairly new to the director’s chair I thought she did a wonderful job with “In The Land Of Blood And Honey” so there wasn’t any doubt that I was going to check this out. This story is incredibly inspiring because of the trials that Zamperini had to endure. There aren’t many people out there that they went through what this man went through and lived to tell their story. The entire time I just couldn’t help but think “Man, this guy has some of the worst luck ever”. O’Connell was nothing short of amazing. You can tell that he poured everything that he had into this role, physically and emotionally. There’s a moment during Zamperini’s capture that you fully get to see his wire thin frame and it’s crazy how someone can do something like that for their craft. Only the most dedicated actors would be able to commit to a role like that and O’Connell is definitely one of them. This film is hands down a must watch for everyone because of it’s ability to show you the test of the human spirit and how one many persevered through it all. This is a definite purchase. Go out and pick this up. 10/10

Special Features: 

Deleted Scenes – There a good amount of scenes here that are worth watching. You can understand why they were cut but they are still pretty cool to check out.

Inside Unbroken – A fantastic three part behind the scenes feature that talks about everything from the inception of the novel, Angelina Jolie’s interest in adapting the story and the importance to telling this story correctly.

The Real Louis Zamperini РThis 30 minute feature looks at the man that this film was based on and how endured even after the situation that he was forced into.

Cast and Crew Concert Featuring Miyavi – Jolie introduces Miyavi in a special performance for the cast and crew.

Prison Camp Theater: Cinderella – An extended version of the play that was being performed in the prison camp.

Louis’ Path to Forgiveness – A look at Zamperini’s path to spiritual enlightenment.

Unbroken is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment


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