The Twilight Saga – Extended Editions – Triple Feature: Blu-ray Review











The epic romantic series following Bella, Edward and Jacob now returns with formerly deleted scenes added back in. Relive the moment when Bella and Edward first met and watch Jacob’s transformation from a lovelorn teenager into a fearsome shapeshifting wolf in these brand new extended versions.

Just about everyone has seen The Twilight Saga films and I might be one of the few guys that I know that actually didn’t mind them so much. They were a good piece of fantasy and changed the usual dynamic of vampires and werewolves some say for the good and some say for the worst. Ok, fine. Lots of people hate the sparkly vamps (as do I) but I just choose to let that go for the sake of giving the films a chance. If you’ve seen these films before then you know exactly what to expect except that with these extended editions you get all the deleted scenes edited back into the films to give a slightly lengthier cut. Some scenes are just quick moments but others, such as Bella seeing Edward’s room for the first time, was a longer conversation between the two before they jump out of the window like spider monkeys. My favorite out of the three movies in the set is still New Moon but upon watching Eclipse again I found that I liked it a bit more this time around than when I originally saw it. Either way this set is perfect for the person that looking to get the definitive versions of each of the first three films without paying an arm and a leg. Now the only thing that people will be waiting for is extended editions of Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2. Let’s hope they don’t make people wait too long.

The Twilight Saga – Extended Editions – Triple Feature is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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