Transformers Prime Beast Hunters – Predacons Rising: Blu-ray Review

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Blu-ray and DVD Oct 8th from Shout Factory (1)__scaled_600










The Movie:

A resurrected UNICRON has taken over the now-lifeless body of MEGATRON to seek vengeance on the AUTOBOTS and ultimately, the destruction of Cybertron. This formidable enemy forces an unlikely alliance between the AUTOBOTS, DECEPTICONS, PREDAKING and two new Predacons, who come together in an epic battle to help protect their newly restored planet!

Serving as an epilogue to the third season of Transformers Prime, this film smoothly continues the Transformers story along really well. I really like that the feel of the film is closer to that of the original show and movie. The other incarnations of the Transformers were entertaining but lacked a certain something. Transformers Prime has it absolutely right with it also having the look of the live action films. The CGI looks so good in this and smooth for a show that is The story was crafted surprisingly well for an animated feature and showed a pretty good amount of Transformers, Decepticons and Predacons. I know that usually in continuity Predaking and Megatron are one in the same so it was an interesting change in the story to see. The film also had a good amount of drama which says a lot for the writers. I liked the way that Unicron took over Megatron’s body and basically showed it as a possession. Throughout the film, the (internal) battle between Megatron and Unicron was one that I thought was extremely good and showed a bit of vulnerability to Megatron. once again returns as the voice of the Autobot leader Optimus Prime. He has proven himself to be THE voice for the character and I really cannot see anyone else doing it…..EVER! All of the voice actors involved gave a fantastic and dramatic performance that you don’t see very often in animation. It’s my understanding that this feature marks the series finale of the show. If that is certainly the case then they went out with a HUGE bang that was a bit resonate of the original Transformers movie. It was heartfelt and really felt like there was an ending to the story (I hope I’m wrong). I loved this feature the whole way through and hope there are more of the Transformers in store for us.

Special Features:

A Look at Polygon Pictures – A really cool feature about the production company and their close ties to the Japanese animation studio that helps with the show.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising is available October 8th on Blu-ray and DVD from Shout! Factory


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