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The Movie:

This remake of the 1990 sci-fi action film stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, John Cho, Bill Nighy and is directed by Len Wiseman. After World War 3, most of the world suffered much destruction and the two inhabited areas that left are known as the UFB (United Federation of Britain) and the Colony (Australia). Since those are the only two territories left people shuttle back and forth between the two in an elevator of sorts known as The Fall. Douglas Quaid (Farrell) is a man that works in a factory in the UFB and has a beautiful wife named Lori (Beckinsale). He seems to be having weird (familiar) dreams but also at the same time feels like he’s missing something in his life. He hears about a place known as Rekall that implants memories in a persons head of any fantasy they desire so he decides to take a trip there. Thinking he’s going in to have the time of his life he ends up revealing a deeper truth about himself, his life and the world around him.

I really loved the original Total Recall (still do) so when I heard they were remaking this film I was very skeptical about how it would end up. There are similarities between the original and this remake but only very few. Other than that we have a totally different film. Once you get passed the fact that there is no Mars or no Kuato (the three breasted woman is in this film though….just fyi.) then what you get is a really entertaining and fast paced action film. The fight scenes were choreographed beautifully and the most intense ones were the ones involving Farrell and Beckinsale. Cranston played Chancellor Cohaagen and he played up the villainy nicely, I just wish we would’ve seen a bit more of his character in the first half of the film. Biel has already proven that she can do action well and to me this was no exception. She was a monster when it came to gunplay and you can tell she seems really comfortable and natural with it. The running time of the theatrical version of this film is 118 minutes and the director’s cut comes in at 130 minutes. That gives 12 minutes of extra footage that was added to the film (you’re welcome for the math lesson), much of it expanded the “fantasy vs reality” aspect plus Farrel’s fistfight with a robot…lol. The one difference that I did see between the two versions was the inclusion of Ethan Hawke in the director’s cut. His role was to be the same as Farrel’s character before having his memory erased and reconstructive surgery on his face. I’m not entirely sure if it would’ve added a bit more to the suspicion of the situation or just confused the audience. Either way it was an interesting surprise. I know a lot of people are going to be saying “Well I don’t like this movie because it’s nothing like the original.” but in the end I do feel like if they called it something different and added “Inspired by the film Total Recall” then maybe more people would give this film a better chance.

Special Features:

Total Recall: Insight Mode -A really interesting and informative addition to the film. During the viewing, screens will pop up to show behind the scenes footage or interviews with the cast and crew describing certain scenes in the film. Almost like Pop-Up Video.

Gag Reel – A very hilarious collection of miscues, line flubs and just all around silliness from the cast.

Science Fiction Vs Science Fact – A cool feature that takes a look at the science and technology that is in the film and explains the possibility of it becoming a reality.

Designing The Fall – A quick look at designing the futuristic “elevator” in the film that bridges the gap between the UFB and the Colony.

Total Action – A feature showing the set up of the action sequences in the film.

Stepping Into Recall – A Pre-Visualization look at some of the fight scenes and chase scenes in the film.

God of War: Ascension Demo – A really cool playable demo of the upcoming game in the God of War franchise for Playstation 3.

This release is definitely worth picking up. An entertaining film to watch and lots of extras to enjoy as well.

Total Recall comes to you on Blu-ray and DVD December 18th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.


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