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The Movie:

Dave (Dylan O’Brien) is a high school senior that is infatuated with a girl named Jane (Victoria Justice). As he practices a speech to let her know how much he likes her in an alley during a party he meets Aubrey (Britt Robertson). Dave and her start to talk and get to know each other on a walk home. This sparks a relationship that begins during this first weekend for their meeting. The only thing is that Dave still has feelings for Jane and Aubrey currently has a boyfriend. Throughout the weekend they both go back and forth with each other trying to figure out their feelings. As well as when their “first time” will be and with who.

There’s been many teen comedies over the years that have had pretty much the same subject matter. This one though is a type that I don’t think I’ve seen in quite some time. It had the inner workings to be a raunchy teen comedy but instead it came across very cutesy even despite the main subject matter. It’s not a bad thing. In fact it’s refreshing. Nowadays all you see is R rated comedies that like to push the envelope andĀ thisĀ film I feel gives a fairly honest (and sometimes hilarious) look at the complicated life of a teenager was done in a way that doesn’t seem overly cliche. O’Brien did extremely well. His character Dave wasn’t exactly a nerd but more of a dork and you can’t help but root for him every step of the way. His hopeless romantic personality is the polar opposite of Aubrey and provides some really humorous and really sweet moments. Robertson brought forth a lot of maturity to her character and I absolutely loved it. Her character could easily own a conversation then turn right around and throw out a look as if she has no idea what she’s talking about. It was scenes like that, that I found myself laughing at. If you’re a girl I think you’re definitely going to love it. If you’re a guy I think you’re going to like it a lot more than you expect. I literally sat there watching the movie with a smile on my face (or laughing) most of the time. A definite must watch!

Special Features:

There are none! This was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for at least a small making of featurette or maybe some outtakes.

The First Time is available NOW on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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