The Woman in Black: Review

Starring Daniel Radcliffe as a young lawyer named Arthur Kipps, who is hired to handle the estate of Alice Darblow in a small English town after a horrible accident happens on the property (surrounded by marshlands). Soon enough a “woman in black” is spotted around the town and children being to mysteriously take their own lives. The people there realize that these incidents started to happen as soon as Kipps arrived in town and want him gone. He refuses to abandon the job that he was hired to do. As the days pass, Kipps himself comes face to face with the “woman in black” and now must find out what she is after and why.

This was a very pleasant surprise I must say. I saw Daniel Radcliffe and immediately thought “Aw hell, Harry Potter is in a horror movie” and that’s probably what alot of people thought as well I’m sure but that’s definitely not the case. Radcliffe really shows that he’s able to breakout of his HP legacy and try something fairly new for him (now all he needs is to be cast in a romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon and he’ll be set). This movie had all the best elements in an old school horror flick. The scares, the suspense and a little bit to be left to the imagination. It’s refreshing to see a horror flick that isn’t all about the blood and gore (not that I dont like those too) all the time. The ending was rather surprising but I do wish¬†it would have ended with a bigger bang. Be that as it may, I recommend viewers that love¬†classic horror to watch it and people that aren’t should definitely give it a chance. You’re sure to enjoy it.



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