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One of the best things that I liked about the season right from the start was that there was no time jump like there usually is. It started right where Rick and the group left off and thankfully so because they were in quite a predicament in the train car. One of my (very few) complaints was that they left Terminus so quickly. I felt like they could’ve drug it on at least for another episode instead of having it all unfold in the season premiere. While they were there in captivity there was a sense of not knowing what was going to happen and I loved that. There was even a small tease during the first episode that involved Glenn and if you’ve read the comics then you know what I mean. I thought Gareth and his cannibal crew were great. Gareth had this weird calmness about him that made him semi likable yet you could tell that he could be REALLY dangerous…..and he was. We finally get to see where Beth ended up in this season and I thought that her scenes were perfect. It really made me care about her tremendously rather than look at her as just a background player. The surprising factor was the inclusion of Morgan. He was pretty much one step behind the group the entire time and his mysterious presence was definitely an attention grabber every time he was on screen. Then there was the revelation between Abraham’s little group and Eugene that really caught mew by surprise that they would do that so soon. There was so much character development that was in this season that it was crazy but the main one was Rick who is starting to feel like he’s becoming the one thing that Shane was and that he always hated. Everyone else has their character arcs widen a bit more because of certain character deaths. Some are sad but in the end it feels necessary for the show to continue to evolve in the dramatic sense. The second half of the season was the strongest in my opinion. This is where we get the ball really rolling to see what’s to come. The Alexandria compound is the best place to show where these characters are at mentally. You have a community of people that feel like they have a safe haven and another group of people that feel like nowhere is safe. It was exciting to see the differences between the two factions. I likened it to a pack of dogs that have lived on the street for a good while and when someone tries to take them in they are paranoid and not so easily trusting of anyone. This is the exact scenario that went on in Alexandria. By the end of the season we’ll just say that the “safe haven”mentality has shifted quite a bit. This was another great season that had its small valleys here and there but it was strong all around. 9/10

Special Features:

Inside The Walking Dead – Small interview snippets for each episode in the season.

The Making Of The Walking Dead – BTS features for each episode of the season.

The Making Of Alexandria – This feature shows how the production crew created the Alexandria compound from an actual residential subdivision.

Beth’s Journey – A retrospective of the character of Beth.

Bob’s Journey – A retrospective of the character of Bob.

Noah’s Journey – A retrospective of the character of Noah.

Tyreese’s Journey – A retrospective of the character of Tyreese.

A Day In The Life Of Michael Cudlitz – A film crew follows Cudlitz around during a day of filming.

A Day In The Life Of Josh McDermitt – A film crew follows McDermitt around during a day of filming.

Rotters In The Flesh – A look at some of the Walkers in the show and how they have evolved over the years.

Deleted Scenes – Quite a number of scenes here that any fan of the series would definitely dig.

Audio Commentaries

The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season is available August 25th on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment


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