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The Movie:

The age-old wonders of the world have long cursed explorers who’ve dared to unlock their mysteries. But a team of archaeologists gets more than they bargained for when they discover a lost pyramid unlike any other in the Egyptian desert. As they begin to uncover its horrifying secrets, they realize they’re being relentlessly hunted by an ancient evil more nightmarish than anything they could have imagined.

I love horror films and I hate found footage films. This one falls somewhere in the middle but I didn’t realize that until at least a 1/4th way in to the film. It begins like your typical found footage film and they spend about 20 minutes setting up the film which was a bit long for a set up in my opinion. From there it starts to feel a lot like “As Above So Below” with the main area that the movie takes place is a confined space where they take wrong turns and can’t find their way out. This is where I noticed that it was a bit different. Usually in a film with this format you have each scene coming from the person wearing or holding the camera but instead it abandoned the idea and would switch in between the actors’ POV and the typical outside format camera. I don’t know if the film truly knew what it wanted to be. That’s not to say that it wasn’t enjoyable to watch but for the most part it was predictable. There were moments that the film had me talking to the screen and when a movie can make me do that then I feel like it’s done its job. As predictable as the outline of the film was there were some nail biting moments with most of them involving some of the booby traps within the pyramid. The great thing about this film is that it’s a gimmicky genre film that doesn’t take much thought to enjoy and through some of its cheesiness sometimes we need a movie like this every once in a while. 7/10

Special Features:

Extended Ending – About a minute or so of extra footage. Not really too great in my opinion.

Featurettes – Various features that delve into the mythology and history of pyramids as well as the production side of making the film.

The Pyramid is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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