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The Movie:

After her young son dies in an accident, a grieving mother (Sarah Wayne Callies) learns of a ritual that will bring him back for a final goodbye. When she travels to an ancient temple to undertake the ritual, she discovers a door that serves as a portal to the afterworld. But when she ignores a warning not to open the door, the balance between life and death is upset. Now, an unspeakable horror is unleashed that threatens the lives of everyone she loves.

Losing a child is ultimately one of the greatest fears and tragedies that a parent can go through. This film deals a lot with that and the guilt that comes with it but it just so happens that it’s wrapped up in a horror movie. As far as I remember I don’t think that I’ve seen a movie with a premise quite like this one so it does have the unique factor going for it. With that being said it is fairly predictable for the most part. A lot of the “scary” moments felt a bit watered down by the fact that the setups for them were noticeable a mile away BUT there were some decent jumpscare-y moments sprinkled in. Callies was pretty great in the film. I felt like she did what she could with what the movie was but she did it well. She was totally believable in her role and the way that she reacted to certain moments were heartbreaking at times. The film wasn’t terrible at all but I do feel like it could’ve been executed better. I would recommend this movie to anyone that just wants a fairly simple creepy movie to watch that doesn’t have over complicated plot. 5/10

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes – Only a few scenes here that don’t really offer too much more than what the film already covered.

Behind the Door – A really quick Behind The Scenes look at the film.


The Other Side Of The Door is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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