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Tony (James Nesbitt) is desperate to locate his lost son Oliver after his disappearance while on holiday in France. It sets off a nearly decade-long search for his whereabouts and with help from a legendary detective (Tchéky Karyo), Tony embarks on an obsessive quest to find his son and those responsible for his disappearance.

Lately Starz has been pumping out some really good programming and especially with a “Limited Series” such as this, it caught my attention almost immediately. Every parent’s worst fear is having your child go missing and the emotions that would run through a person. This series delves deep into those feelings and is absolutely compelling and heartbreaking the entire way. If actually feels a lot like the game Heavy Rain as far as the premise and storytelling aspects go. I don’t think I’ve seen a show with one narrative that is split in two pieces that takes place during two different time frames. It’s an impressive feat. The only negative about the show is that it’s only eight episodes but on the flip side I can appreciate it’s length. The story is so powerful and thought provoking that all it needs is those eight episodes to take you on an emotional rollercoaster. This show keeps you guessing just like a good mystery novel would. As soon as you think you may have a clue as to what is going on they throw something else in that steers you off course and the entire time every facet of the story keeps you engaged and glued to your seat. I can recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good mystery but be warned that the subject matter is somber throughout the entire series. 9/10

Special Features:

Time Changes All – This feature looks at the two different time frames and explains how that can change people.

Transformations – This one takes a look at the characters and plot of the show.

Behind the Scenes – Another feature that looks into some of the same kind of stuff in the previous features.

The Missing is available April 14th on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment


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