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The Movie:

Now in the private sector, Jake Carter (Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin) is assigned to protect a “high-value package” – a beautiful whistleblower trying to expose a corrupt military defense contractor. But a heavily armed team of mercenaries has been hired to kill her, along with anyone who gets in their way, and it’s going to take a fearless one-man fighting machine to stop them.

Well first off this movie has a one up on the first two in the franchise because of it being the first one to have a repeat actor in the role of “the marine”. Besides the character being the same they really don’t connect this film with the previous one much. That leads me to believe that they are almost making this character into a Jack Ryan kind of guy that gets thrown into various situations. It’s actually pretty smart for films that are just straight up 90’s throwback action films. As a character on WWE TV I’m not too fond of The Miz but he’s done pretty good job so far with these films. I don’t see them ever hitting the big screen again but they seem to be doing really well in the blu-ray market so that’s more than enough to keep the films going. The acting isn’t entirely top notch but that’s not what it relies on. It’s the action scenes that you won’t want to miss. With Mizanin and Summer Rae both being WWE Superstars they easily translate that into fantastic fight scenes, especially the one they have against each other. The weird thing though is how Rae is on the cover of the film but is only actually in about 15-20 minutes of it. I didn’t entirely understand that unless it was some sort of contract kind of thing or WWE just wanting their Superstars front and center. So with that being said, this is a typical formulaic film but it is pretty fun and great if you’re in the mood for a “non-thinking” kind of film. 7/10

Special Features:

Firepower – This feature concentrates on the guns in the film and the training that the actors had to endure to bring forth authenticity.

The Franchise – A look at the previous films in the franchises and why they are so appealing

Beauty is Dangerous – Taking a look at the cast and what it took to get them screen ready.

The Marine 4: Moving Target is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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