The Grey: Review

Directed by Joe Carnahan and starring Liam Neeson, The Grey is about a group of oil drillers that get stranded in the Alaskan snow after their plane crashes, killing most of the people aboard. The number of survivors is small as it is but continues to get smaller as they battle two enemies. The frigid Alaskan weather and a pack of deadly wolves that pick the group off one by one.

Let me just start off by saying, if I’m ever in a predicament where I need to be rescued from any sort of disaster then I hope its by Liam Neeson. That guy is like Superman or something. This movie grabs you almost immediately and throws you right into the action.  Joe Carnahan does a spectacular job at shaping the wolves as a perfect group of villians. He made them ruthless, violent and almost sadistic. I was literally saying “Man, that wolf is such an asshole. I hope they kill it” (Sorry PETA). Neeson has shown that a older guy can still be a successful action star and kick major ass. He almost reminds me of what Charles Bronson was in Death Wish (Carnahan is actually set to remake that flick. Lets hope he picks Neeson for it). Right after the plane crashed in the movie he was the “go to” guy. He was the leader of the pack so to speak. I think the best part was the ending. You know that there was going to be a face to face showdown at some point and the build up to that was intense. Showing both man and animal preparing to do battle was the perfect finale. It leaves you with a small bit for your imagination. This flick is a definite watch! Go do it already!

SIDE NOTE: Wait for a small scene after the credits.


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