Want To See What The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Look Like?!



Since its initial announcement people have been up in arms about the Michael Bay produced TMNT movie. The internet can be a pretty harsh place sometimes when it comes to things like this but I’ve tried to stay on the “We’ll just wait and see” trail. The people over at ComicBookMovie.com have gotten a hold of some production photos that show what the new design of the Turtles along with a look at Shredder himself. Check em out down below:


Hopefully this will put a lot of people at ease (at least a little bit) with what the new movie could be like. I for one think they look REALLY badass! They have a bit more of a samurai aspect to them but their gear actually looks practical and useful. Shredder looks insanely cool and scary. He was the one that I was a bit worried about but that’s completely out the window now. Now here’s to hoping the story is just as cool.


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