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Season Overview:

I remember initially watching Teen Wolf and my first reaction was that it was a teenybopper suspense show but after watching the second half of the third season you can tell that it has grown so much and provides a fantastic dose of horror/thrills for everyone. This part of season three starts off very solid and grabbed a hold of me right away with the “dream within a dream” kind of stuff. From there the show goes off into a crazy story involving ancient Asian demons that can possess people. Sounds interesting right?! The best thing about this season (and the show in general) is that every episode is basically a “creature of the week” feature but also does a great job at continuing the storyline. Stiles seems to be a bit more on the forefront of the story and I don’t mind one bit. Dylan O’Brien has become one of my favorite actors on the show because of his ability to go from being goofy to going straight into the dramatic aspects without skipping a beat. Tyler Posey is the guy that shows the most growth on the show and he’s made his character more and more interesting with every season that goes by. Holland Roden as Lydia has progressed as a character as well and it really puts her right into the action with her newly found powers. The show really is a newer version of what Buffy The Vampire Slayer was and I definitely appreciated that. Allison really grew on me throughout the show and that’s thanks to Crystal Reed and her performance. She became such a strong character but as this half of the season went on I wished that her character was a bit more important. I really felt like they didn’t give her a full role this time around and that’s a shame. This is a must have if you’re a fan of the show and if you haven’t had a chance to catch it yet then I suggest you pick up the previous seasons and catch up. They won’t break the bank and you’ll find yourself actually addicted to show.

Special Features:

Following the Pack: The Fans of Teen Wolf – This brief feature takes a look at the die hard fans of Teen Wolf. It includes interviews with the cast and crew and how they reacted to the pandemonium of the show.

Included with the DVD set is a booklet that contains some REALLY cool fan art. I’m very impressed at some of the detail and creativity that went into some of the pieces.

Other than that there aren’t any more special features which was a bit disappointing but this collection was great and I can’t wait for season 4!

Teen Wolf: Season 3 Part 2 is available NOW on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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