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Season Overview:

Following the events from the first season Scott and Allison are challenged by trying to keep their relationship under wraps from their parents and peers. Derek, who is now an Alpha, is scouting the town out and turning some of the students of Beacon Hills High School to join his pack. All the while a mysterious lizard like creature is killing people around town and no one knows who or why. Scott and his group of friends uncover one mystery that starts to unravels a much bigger plot.

With a show’s season only running 12 episodes there’s a pretty good amount of pressure to get the buildup just right and to get the audiences attention quick. Season 2 basically hit the ground running and got the wheels rolling right away which was great. They seemed to be branching out a bit more than just dealing with werewolves which was good as well. There are only so many variations of werewolf stories that can be told without them ending up being recycled. This almost started to have a “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” feel to it with the lizard like creature running around and some mystical elements thrown in. I love that the tone of the show is very dark with comedic elements here and there to lighten the mood without making it seem campy. Dylan O’Brien was the one that provided a lot of the comedic relief and was so perfect. He had this great snark to his lines and he almost reminded me slightly of Jaime Kennedy as far as his delivery. Tyler Posey has proven himself to be quite the leading man and has kicked it up a notch in this season including a much needed haircut (I wasn’t too fond of it in season 1). His demeanor and his sense of innocence makes him endearing and in turn makes you want to root for him. This is obviously very important for a show and they definitely have it down. Crystal Reed has also done a great job at improving so much from the previous season and it seems to have given her a bit more confidence with her character. The show as a whole has improved so much and shows signs of really taking things to the next level by the way this season went. I will say for sure that by the time you get to the last episode you will have one word for the finale: Intense.

Special Features:

Teen Wolf Season 2 at Paleyfest 2012 – A sit down discussion panel with the creator and cast of Teen Wolf as they talk about what’s to come for season 2.

Teen Wolf CGI Reel – Side by side scenes that include the rough CGI scene with the full completed one to show the differences.

Fight Choreography Reel  – This shows the actual scenes included in the episodes then compares them to the stunt actors doing the scenes during filming.

Alternate, Deleted and Extended Scenes – Many times if a T.V. show includes deleted scenes and things over that nature on a DVD release they usually aren’t all that great but these are actually pretty good. I’m sure some of these got taken out due to time constraints.

Alternate Stiles Takes – O’Brien really shined in this show and this feature proves that he’s good at improvising as well.

Gag Reel – This group of kids made this gag reel so much more funny than most and right out of the gate the first one is priceless.

Shirtless Montage 2.0 – Pretty self explanatory…haha!

Teen Wolves: The New Pack – A brief rundown of the newest werewolf additions to the show and how they change things for Scott and his crew.

Teen Wolf Season 2 is available NOW on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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