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Seth MacFarlane co-wrote, produced, played the voice of the title character as well as this being his live action full length directorial debut. Mark Wahlberg stars as John Bennett, a kid that no one seems to like or get along with. One Christmas Day he receives an adorable stuffed teddy bear that instantly becomes his best friend which he names Ted. He then makes a wish that changes everything. He wishes that Ted was real. Word spreads fast and next thing you know he becomes a celebrity. Fast forward 27 yeas later and Ted’s celebrity status went downhill. He and John are still best friends that do what most lazy slackers do: get drunk and get high. Its not until John’s girlfriend of four years (played by Mila Kunis) gives him an ultimatum that things being to change in the relationship between a man and his bear.

I haven’t seen a whole lot of MacFarlane’s animated shows (Family Guy, American Dad) but the bit that I have seen made me a fan of the randomness of it all and Ted is nothing different. The humor is raunchy if not more raunchy than anything you would usually see from MacFarlane and smart as well. Although in a packed theater some of the jokes went over the crowds head and all I heard was crickets. For the record, I thought they were funny. The other glorious thing that was so random was the two characters (somewhat crazy) love of Flash Gordon. The dream sequence involving Mark Wahlberg is hilariously cheesy. Wahlbeg  hasn’t done too many comedy roles but I feel like this might be one of his strong points. He has great comedic timing and he is believable in his role as a doofus/slacker type. Mila Kunis has also proved that she can hang with the guys when it comes to disgusting comedy but still coming off as a voice of reason to John. I recommend this movie only if you want to laugh your butt off and are not easily offended.



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