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The Movie:

A group of criminals get together at a restaurant to eat sushi off of a sushi girl (a woman lays nude with sushi draped over her) six years after a robbery gone wrong. Fish (Noah Hathaway) is a part of that group and has recently been released from prison due to taking the fall for the robbery. They reminisce about the old days but they quickly get down to business when Duke (Tony Todd), Max (Andy Mackenzie), Francis (James Duval) and Crow (Mark Hamill) tie Fish down and grill him regarding some missing diamonds. They will try to find their loot at all costs, even if it means torturing one of their own…….all while the sushi girl lays quietly on the table.

Let me just say that from the start it felt like a Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino type of film. There were small cameos from Rodriguez regulars Jeff Fahey, Michael Biehn, Danny Trejo and also legendary actor Sonny Chiba which gave it a bit of credibility as well as familiarity. This was an excellent film and really had me guessing the whole way through. The moments of tension were some of the best that I’ve seen and the twist ending was executed perfectly. Todd has a very intimidating presence and a voice that will stop you dead in your tracks. I really feel like Todd was the locomotive of the film and kept it going full speed ahead. I was so pleasantly surprised by Hamill. I haven’t seen him in too much more than the obvious Star Wars franchise and the occasional cameo in film but I have HEARD his work throughout the years. He’s proved that he is really great at voicing characters and with this film it’s cemented that he can be a fantastic character actor. He put out a level of creepiness with his very calm demeanor, his gum chewing and his voice (which sounded like he put in a bit of The Joker in it). Sushi Girl is one of those movies that comes along that you initially feel like it’s a carbon copy of a the “modern grindhouse” films that we’ve all seen but end up being very pleasantly surprised at how unique it is. If you dig twists, turns, violence, blood and edge of your seat moments then Sushi Girl will be perfect for you.

Special Features:

Sushi Girl: A Documentary – A pretty good hour long documentary that shows pretty much everything it took to make the film and doesn’t hide anything at all. We see the (very tired) cast and crew, the occasional frustrations and weird antics (drinking balsamic vinegar) along with James Duval talking about Donnie Darko…lol.

Alternate Scenes – 2 scenes that include an alternate reveal of the twist and an alternate ending which I kind of prefer than the one included in the film.

Outtakes – I don’t even have to say how much I love outtakes. These are some really good ones from some really great actors.

Fake TV Commercials a la Sushi Girl – Extremely well done commercials with the actors of the film made to look like they were recorded straight from a standard tube TV.

Producer’s Diaries – Some behind the scenes footage filmed from the perspective of one of the Producers of the film.

Sushi Girl Music Video: Victories and Consequences by Send The Sages – Really catchy song by Dryden Mitchell’s (Alien Ant Farm vocalist) band Send the Sages

Cast And Crew Interviews at the International Premiere – Pretty straightforward sit down chats with cast and crew. They share their experiences and insight on the film.

All of the special features alone make this great film worth the purchase.

Sushi Girl is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Magnolia Pictures Home Entertainment and Magnet Releasing


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