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Superjail! is probably one of the weirdest and most violent animated shows I’ve ever seen and to be completely honest……..I loved every bit of its weirdness! Basically Superjail! is about a prison that is home for the worst criminals in the world. It’s located in the middle of the ocean under a volcano and that volcano is in the middle of another volcano (crazy I know. Did you follow that?). The jail is run by a man only known as The Warden. The only thing that I can liken him to is a psychopathic Willy Wonka that will do INSANE things around the prison to amuse himself or to please the prisoners (or so he thinks). There really isn’t any linear story to the season or each episode but with each one running for roughly about 11 minutes I think that’s more than okay. This season runs for only 10 episodes so that makes it VERY easy to sit down and enjoy (or question what you just watched. HAHA!) but to really dig it you have to have a dark sense of humor or you just won’t like it. You see some of the stuff in the show and you think to yourself “The writers must be on some hallucinogenic drugs!” but then the scary part sinks in…..what if they aren’t. Haha! Seriously though, the show really reminds me of early Beavis and Butthead but way more twisted and it shows of an extremely imaginative story idea that you really feel like ANYTHING is possible. I say if you like dark, twisted comedy then this will be up your alley.

Special Features:

Animatics: Stringstress/Nightshift – This basically shows the sketches that they do before they actually start animating everything. They have it edited together to give an idea of what the episode is going to look like.

Roughcuts: Burnstoolie Burn/The Trouble With Triples – This takes it one step further in the animation process and shows actual scenes just without coloring.

Instostring – This shows the intros for each episode back to back.

Superjail! Season Three is avaialble NOW on DVD from Adult Swim


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