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The Movie:

A military aircraft crashes over London inadvertently releasing some highly classified (living) contents. Charlie (Noel Clarke) and Shelly (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) are newly broken up and meet up with some friends to collect their belongings from a local storage facility. Unbeknownst to them London has been put on lockdown and now they are locked inside the place which has many, many corridors of storage units……as well as a violent predator.

This movie takes the sci-fi monster movie formula and gives us something pretty unique and actually quite creepy. The setting of the film plays a big part in the suspense factor. One thing would be to have a monster movie take place out in a city or an open area but having it take place in a closed in storage warehouse really cranks it up a notch. There’s only so many spots someone could run to and not knowing what’s around the corner captures the viewer’s attention. The creature was something like I’ve never seen before and that’s always good. The mandible reminded me of a cross between spider legs and something like a Predator but it also had an inner mouth (if that makes any sense). The CG effects looked pretty damn good for an independent film. They took the liberty of obscuring certain aspects of the monster at times and blurred it out a bit in others to save time and money I assume but I felt like it added a bit of mystery. The close up shots however looked really good. They may not be big budget effects but they sure as hell look WAY better than most SyFy Channel movies. The story wasn’t really elaborate or complicated which is good because with a movie like this the main focus was trying to get away from the creature and find a way out. I’m a fan of these sorts of movies and this one did the trick for me. It blended sci-fi with horror and gore and to me that makes this film well worth a viewing.

Special Features:

Behind The Scenes Featurettes -These are actually some really good and thorough features. They go through everything from the design of the creature down to the sound of the film.

Video Blogs: Noel Clarke, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Laura Haddock – Cast gives a rundown of their week including the smallest details like going out to find something to eat. Haha

Day in the Life: Noel Clarke, Colin O’Donoghue -Shows their daily routine including giving interviews, going to the gym and making the film.

Deleted Scenes – The few included expand some of the scenes but the one I wish would’ve been kept was the one where the creature busted the man’s jaw bone off and they show it hit the ground.

Storage 24 is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Magnet Releasing and Magnolia Home Entertainment


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