Spotlight On: Minimal Prints and Minimal Pixels


Everybody loves Movie Posters right?! We here at Cinema Deviant love them so much we have a dedicated section here on the site and our Facebook Page to these awesome works of art. It was much to my surprise when I suddenly received a “Like” on one of the pictures on our Instagram Page from Minimal Prints and upon further glance at some of their photos I absolutely loved the work they do. They MAKE movie posters of everyone’s favorite films. Minimalistic movie posters to be exact. To anyone that isn’t familiar with this type of art it’s basically defined as a work of art bearing a fairly simple (yet immensely effective) design scheme and Minimal Prints does it really well. They also have a separate part of their company that produces the same minimal art yet is aimed at video games and the 8-Bit style as well as Minimal Heroes (which is pretty self explanatory). Enough of me yapping about how great this company is, I’ll just give you all a sample of some of my favorites from their portfolio. Be sure to visit their sites at and you’ll be able to find their other works (they’re ALWAYS adding more!) on there as well as information on how to order prints. You really won’t want to hesitate on picking up a few of these and showing off these unique works because, let’s face it, they’ll definitely have everyone who sees them asking “Where did you get these from?!”.


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