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The Movie:

When Anna’s daughter Joey goes missing, it’s assumed to be the result of bad parenting – but dark forces are suspected when every child in town also disappears. The children return but show signs of demonic possession, and proceed to attack the town. Forced to wage a violent campaign against the children, the townspeople go on a bloody rampage, but Anna refuses to believe her daughter is lost to the devil and will do whatever it takes to save her from the demon inside.

Low budget horror films usually have the tendency of being very basic but trying to be over ambitious. This one kind of falls in a middle zone somewhere. It was an interesting premise and with me being a parent I could feel for the mother in the film being a panic over her missing child. From there it goes into a cult like storyline which is interesting but it honestly wasn’t enough to keep me intrigued. It felt like it started to become a bit much when they threw all of this mythology regarding what was going on then from there stuff was just piled up on top over and over. The acting, unfortunately, didn’t make the film any better either. Most of the performances were plagued by the actors either trying to go too over the top or being pretty dull. Like I said before, it sucks because it actually could’ve been a decent movie but what we ended up with was a horror film with little substance. The one thing that it did have going for it was the uniqueness of the zombie kids and how they banded together almost Children Of The Corn style. So basically if you’re curious (like I was) then go and give this a viewing but other than that you may want to just skip this one. 4/10

Speak No Evil is available NOW on DVD from Lionsgate


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