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Ethan Hawke stars as Ellison Oswalt, a true crime novelist in this supernatural horror film directed by Scott Derrickson.

Ellison hadn’t had a hit novel almost 10 years so when he hears about a family murder he moves him and his family into that very house without letting them know. He uses this as an attempt solve the open case and write his comeback novel with his family only knowing that they are moving into the same town as where the tragedy occurred. When Ellison makes his way into the attic to put up some boxes he comes across a box of super8 home movies with a projector that he initially doesn’t think much of. Upon further inspection one night while he works on trying to solve the case he plays the home movies and quickly comes to the realization that they aren’t just home movies. They are all family murders including the one that happened in that very house and they all have something in common, a child always turns up missing. The deeper he digs the more he starts to unravel a dark, more devious and evil truth.

This film takes an interesting story and adds a bit of the “found footage” genre to create a unique and terrifying tale. Ethan Hawke brings the believable desperation and at times absolute fear to his role of a man looking for the next big story to be successful once again. I’m hoping that this is a turn around for the horror genre and we start seeing more movies like this. Although some of the scares are a bit predictable Sinister still gets the job done and gives plenty of flinch in your seat moments. Ellison’s young daughter Ashley (Clare Foley) provides the innocence that starts to head down the creepy route as the film progresses. There’s something about a child telling their parent “The little girl that used to lived here before says hi.” that makes me cringe just a little bit. As for Bughuul (as he’s called in the movie) I felt like he could’ve been used a bit more in certain moments but I do see the point that he’s more of a puppetmaster of sorts rather than actual threat. Nothing makes me uneasy more than attics. Add ghost children, film projectors that continue to turn on by themselves, a writer with an obsession to find the truth and demon mythology and you have yourself a formula for a really good horror movie. If you’re looking for a good scare then this is definitely worth your money



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