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The Movie:

When John Moon () accidentally shoots a young woman and discovers a bag full of cash, the isolated hunter becomes the hunted. His struggle to conceal both the death and the money triggers a cascade of events and encounters that ultimately escalates into a battle for survival.

If you’re a hunter, shooting someone accidentally is probably one of your worst fears. This films shows us just that very early on and takes us on a journey of plenty of bad choices which in turn put John and his family in danger. The big thing in this film is the issue of morality. What would you do if you shot someone then found a big bag of money? That’s really the biggest question here and some of the things he does are a bit surprising. The film itself reminds me a bit like No Country For Old Men. It has a similar premise but with drastically different characters. Rockwell is such a phenomenal actor that digs deep into every role, especially this one. You can tell that the whole way through Rockwell was playing his character almost like he had an invisible Angel and Devil on his shoulders. He shows that his range as an actor is very broad and can pretty much play just about anything with precision…..even a lonely hunter living in the backwoods.  is a guy that plays bad extremely good. Everything from his look to his demeanor is downright dastardly and his villainous side is what makes the film so thrilling. Film nowadays has the reputation of being very graphic when it comes to violence but this film takes a cue from classic storytelling with the “Less is more” approach. Yes there is blood but a lot of the violence is hidden in quick cuts or clever camera placement which is refreshing. Like I’ve said before, sometimes imagining it can be a way better experience than actually seeing it. The finale of the film was a bit of a thinker. It’s one of those that leaves you with a thought in your brain that lingers for at least a good hour or so debating with yourself as to what it could’ve meant and if it was meant to be metaphorical or literal. If you’re n the mood for a thriller with some outstanding performances then this is definitely a “Can’t Miss” film.

Special Features: 

Making Of A Single Shot – A really good 30 minute feature on how the film came about.

Interviews – Great and interesting interviews with Sam Rockwell and  but for some odd reason Macy’s interview is cut short suddenly.

A Single Shot is available January 14th on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA Entertainment


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