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The Movie:

Two Christian missionaries (Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield) who travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor (Liam Neeson) at a time when Christianity was outlawed. When they are captured and imprisoned, both men are plunged into an odyssey that will test their faith, challenge their sanity and, perhaps, risk their very lives.

There aren’t many movies out there that go the lengths to tell stories quite like this. In Hollywood the topic of Christianity isn’t really addressed that much and the people that have done it before in the past have done it rather well. No pressure though right? If anybody can do it then Scorsese¬† definitely can and in watching this film he proved just that. The thing with films like these sometimes (and why people tend to have issues with them) is that at times they can come off as being a bit preachy. There’s none of the here. Silence however manages to give us a story that (even if you don’t agree with it) is such an interesting viewing experience. Seeing these characters on their journey is both heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time given the circumstances that they are in. Garfield and Driver were excellent in their roles and gave such powerful performances as well as all of the supporting cast as well. So powerful in fact that there were times that it felt a tad bit uncomfortable watching these characters go through all the turmoil but that’s also the proof of great storytelling. The other bright spot of this movie was the way it was shot. It very easy to see why it was nominated for an Academy Award for Cinematography (it should’ve been nominated for a whole lot more than that though). I can’t recommend this movie enough to watch and I think that if you are a Christian than it might hit you a bit harder so be prepared. 9/10

Special Features:

Martin Scorsese’s Journey Into Silence – A really well done Behind The Scenes that give tons of insight how much of a passion project this was for Scorsese as well as the challenges that they endured during the shoot.

I do really wish that there were more Special Features than the only one.

Silence is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment


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