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Make room for ogre-sized family fun as the greatest fairy tale never told comes to life in a whole new way in this breathtaking Broadway musical adaptation of the hit movie Shrek!

I’m no stranger to film musicals but I have never really seen a stage musical so immediately I was curious. I was extremely surprised to see the production value of the show. The sets were so intricate and made you feel like you were watching a live action version of the film. I really liked the spinning platforms they had that made it look like they were actually walking. They would just move the backgrounds to make it even more realistic which gave the whole show an almost magical feel. The musical aspect was great and (just like the film) mixed tons of humor with tons of heart. They also have a lot of modern humor as well too which is good for the crowd to relate to. It takes a little to get used to  as Shrek but any sort of doubt quickly gets pushed aside when you hear his powerful and commanding voice.  really shined as Fiona and had me smiling the whole way through. There is something about the way she presents herself and the silly faces she makes that makes her so endearing. The other thing that really made this come to life and feel like an experience was the camera work. The angles and camera changes were perfectly done to make this seem like an actual feature. This really does have a bit of everything for everyone and with a running time of a little over 2 hours then you can expect a show full of laughs and definite entertainment for the whole family.

Special Features:

Shrek the Musical Songbook with Sing-Along – This feature gives you a karaoke like experience with songs from the show.

From Swamp to Stage: The Making of Shrek the Musical – Cameron Diaz takes a look at the journey of taking the animated film and adapting it for the stage.

Shrek The Musical is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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